House Accounts allow your customers to accrue a balance for goods sold that can be billed and paid at a later date.


Enabling House Accounts

House Accounts can be enabled for all customers or specific customers. To enable House Account settings:

  1. Start in the Management Console ([yoursubdomain] Go to your Settings tab and click Clear Selections. Type House Account into the search bar. Check the House Accounts box under Payments in the left menu. On the right side, scroll down until you locate the Payments section.
    • House Account Enabled will allow the basic House Account functionality for all customers.
    • Enable by Default will automatically link a House Account to every customer.
    • Default House Account Limit will enable a limit for every House Account.
    • Email for Sending Statements allows you to enter your email information for sending House Account bills from the Management Console.

  2. Click Save to ensure all changes are saved

Making a Payment Using a House Account

  1. On the Point of Sale, start by creating an order. Attach a customer to the order by tapping Customers. Locate then tap the name of the customer. Tap Add to Order.

  2. Tap the payment button. On the Payment screen, tap Credit +. Choose House Account from the window. Tap OK to verify. You will see the current balance change to $0. The order balance has been transferred to the customer's House Account balance. Tap Done to close the order.

Making a House Account Payment

  1. To locate a customer's House Account details or to pay a balance, tap Customers. Locate the Customer, tap their Name, and then tap Edit Info.

  2. Tap House Account on the bottom left corner.

    On the left side, you will see all unpaid House Account transactions as well as a total balance.
  3. On the right side, you can make a payment to the current balance. Partial payments or full payments are both acceptable. When you are finished, tap Done to close the screen.

How to Send a House Account Bill

You can send personalized bills to your customers that contain their House Account balances. House Account bills can be sent directly from the Management Console. To send a House Account bill.

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to Reports. Hover over Other Reports and choose House Account Summary from the drop-down.
  2. Here, you will see a list of all customers with a current House Account balance. In this report, you can view the Orders, Payments, and Adjustments your customers have made to their balances.
  3. You can edit the current balances using the Pencil icon and record payments using the Credit Card icon.
  4. To email a House Account bill to a single customer, click the Coin Purse icon to the far right of the customer’s name. Then click Send Statements from the window.
  5. To send House Account bills to multiple customers at once, check the boxes to the left of the customers’ names, then click Email Statements in the top right side of the report. Click Send Statements from the window.

House Account Summary Report

The House Account Summary report will provide a detailed summary of all related activities, including house account payments, charges, adjustments, and the opening and closing balance of a customer. A House Account balance is considered liability. Payments against a house account balance can be found on both the "Sales Summary" and "Operations" reports in the Management Console.

  • Pencil Icon: Adjusts Customer House Account Balance (manually increase/decrease).
  • Payments Icon: Makes a Customer House Account Payment.
  • Mail icon: Emails House Account Statement.
  • Export icon: Exports the report as a CSV, PDF, or XLS file.
  • "Order Payment" is the total amount for the order; "HA payment" is what was charged on the house account. House Account payments CANNOT be made in offline mode.

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