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Custom Menus

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Businesses with large product offerings will occasionally elect to limit their offerings for particular aspects of their business, but still wish to produce a cumulative sales report for all items sold. For example, in a location with multiple POSs, a business may only want their retail products available at one point of sale, and their food-related products available only at another point of sale (think of a large restaurant with that also sells copyrighted merchandise). Custom Menus can also be used for Revel’s Digital Menu Boards or Online Ordering platforms.


Prior to creating a Custom Menu, please make sure that all products offered at your business have already been uploaded to your system. You can review how to create your products manually by clicking here, or how to upload your products en masse using Excel by clicking here.

After your products have been uploaded, begin to set up a Custom Menu by clicking on the Products tab on your management console and click on Custom Menus on the left-hand side. There will be two preset menus readily available: 

  • Kiosk – for businesses that have a kiosk license (self-serve POS stations for customers)
  • Online – for businesses that have signed up with online ordering

To create a new custom menu, enter the name for your custom menu in the New Custom Menu Name textbox. Then, select the appropriate entry for Application Type and Mode/Stations. The options for Application Type and Mode/Stations are as follows:

Application Type:

  • Time Slot Only – Limits the offering of the menu depending on the time of day (taken from the time displayed on iPad)
  • POS Station – Limits the offering of the menu depending on the POS Station
  • Mode – Limits the offering of the menu depending on the feature to be used with.


  • POS Station – Select which of the POS stations you want this custom menu to appear
  • Mode
    • Online – the menu which will appear on your online ordering platform
    • Bar – the menu which will appear at all POS stations labeled “Is Bar”
    • Kiosk – the menu which will appear on your Kiosk stations
    • Menu Board – the menu which will be used for your Digital Menu Board.

After the fields have been filled out, click + Create button to create the Custom Menu. Once the Custom Menu has been created, Click on the ( + ) sign to the right of the menu to populate the Time Slots and Included Products drop-down lists. Set the parameters as you see fit.

Time Slots

Click on the ( + ) sign to the left of Time Slots. This will populate a list of days and times that you would want the online platform to be accessible to customers.

To edit the Timeslot, click Edit Timeslot. This will populate a list of days and times that you would want the custom menu to be visible to your employees and/or customers (depending on the Application Type). This may be useful if you want to create multiple custom menus with different time slots for the same column to allow your content to change automatically at a certain time of day (for example, a Breakfast Menu vs. Lunch/Dinner Menu). When you are done setting the Timeslot, click Save Timeslot.

Included Products

By default, all products that were uploaded into the system will be checked in the dropdown list. Any new products added to the backend after going live with the online platform will NOT be added automatically to this custom menu. New products that will be offered will have to be updated on the backend in this section as well if you wish for it to be included in this custom menu.

In this dropdown list, check items that you would like to appear on the custom menu, and uncheck items that you would not like to include on the custom menu. Remember to take into consideration things such as restrictions for products (alcohol, tobacco products), product offerings (retail vs. food), offerings for time of day (breakfast vs. lunch vs. dinner), etc.

Once the Timeslots and the Included Products have been set, make sure to click on the Save button to the right of the Online custom menu.

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