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Matrix Inventory allows you to add and manage product lists that consist of multiple similar items, like t-shirts, that are available in a variety of attributes, such as size or color. Each combination of attributes is a unique product with its own price or recipe, all available for sale on the iPad POS.

As we saw in our article Enabling Matrix Inventory In the Management Console this function must be enabled prior to using it. Once you have this enabled, you can create Matrix Inventory within the Management Console or on your iPad POS. These instructions will show you how to create your Matrix Inventory from the Management Console, see our article Creating a Matrix Inventory with Your POS for instructions to create the inventory using your iPad POS.

Create via Management Console

When you use Matrix Inventory to create products, they are defined by attributes. For example, a t-shirt could be defined by size or color (medium, blue), a coffee beverage could be defined by size or process (venti, cappuccino). Each combination of attributes creates a unique product, and has its own price or recipe

There are two different ways to create a Matrix Inventory within the Management Console. You can use the+ Add button from the Products home page, or use the Product Attributes link in the menu on the same page. Click the link below for the method you'd like to use. If you are looking to bulk import a Matrix Inventory, see our artlice Importing a Matrix Inventory.

Using + Add to Create a Matrix Product

This method is by far the easiest way to create a matrix product. Let's take a look at how easy it is!

  1. First, log into your Management Console (
  2. From the home page of the Management Console, click on the Products link in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Next, click the + Add button in the upper left hand side of the product list, and select Product:
  4. You will be directed to the Product Details page. This is where you will create the parent product, and it's attributes:
    • Enter the product name (something like t-shirts, wings, beers, etc), price, category, and subcategory:
    • There are other fields, like Barcode, SKU, and Unit of Measure. These are not required to create a product, but you can enter as much information as you'd like.
  5. Next, scroll down to the Matrix Details and click the section to open it. This is where you will add your attributes:
  6. In the Matrix Details section, select the Attribute Type by choosing Parent from the drop-down menu:
  7. Next, Select Create new attribute set from the drop-down menu:
  8. A pop-up will open, name the attribute (ex: size)enter the attribute values (small, medium, large, etc):

    Note: If you need more attributes added, click the + Add Value button and add as many attributes as you'd like:
  9. Once you've added all the attributes, click the Create button:
  10. If your product has additional attributes, like colors to go with the sizes, select Attribute Set 2 and follow the same procedure as you did for Attribute Set 1:
  11. After you've added all your attributes, click either the Save & New or Save & Close to complete your product:
  12. A pop-up will appear to confirm creating a Parent Product, this will be the product that shows in your products list after creation:
  13. The final step is to enter the name, price, and additional information for each child product (each product sorted by size, color, or other attribute):
  14. There are two ways to enter the name, price, and additional information for your products:
    • If you have different names, prices, and other details for each product, you can enter them manually by typing in the details in the section on the line for each product:
    • If all items will have the same details, you can use the Auto-Fill Options radio button and select by checking next to the details to fill in automatically from the information you entered in the Product Detailspage:

    Note: The name of your child product will show in the section, but must be typed or auto-filled in.
  15. To finish, click the Create Child Products button:

Your products will now show up in your products list, just locate the parent product you created and click the plus sign next to it!

Using the Product Attributes Link

The second way to create a Matrix Inventory is to use the Product Attributes section of your Management Console. This takes a few additional steps, but the process is similar to the one outlined above. Let's take a look!

Create a Parent Product

First, you will need to create the Parent products for your Matrix Inventory.

  1. From the Products home page, select Product Attributes from the menu on the left-hand side of the page:
  2. Click Add Product Attribute Class to create a Parent product:
  3. Add as many product classes as you need for your matrix inventory:
  4. Once you’ve completed creating your Parent products, click the icon.

Creating a Product Attribute

Product attributes are descriptors for a product, like size or color. Each attribute contains values like small, medium, and large, or red, white, and blue.

  1. From the Product Attributes page, click the next to the product class you created:
  2. Click + Add Product Attribute and enter the attribute for your product:
  3. This will open the section and you can type your attribute in. Keep adding attributes until you’ve created all the different options for that product:
  4. When you have completed adding all the attributes to your parent products, click the  in the upper right-hand corner of the section:

From here, the process is the same as the instructions above. Want to use your iPad POS to create your Matrix Inventory? See our article, Creating a Matrix Inventory with Your POS, for instructions.

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