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Revel's Discount feature allows you to offer promotions for your products at a discounted price as a strategy to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

With Revel, you can create simple discounts such as 10% off an order or more complex discounts like buy one item, get the 2nd for half off. Revel allows you to create manual discounts on the Point of Sale as well as more detailed discounts in the Management Console.


Creating a Standard Discount in the Management Console

Creating discounts in the Management Console allows you to create specific discounts, create automated discounts, and saves you valuable time on the POS. To create a standard discount:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to your Products tab and click the Discounts section on the left.
  2. Click the grey + Add Discount text in the bottom left of the page:
  3. Fill out the following details:
    • Discount Name: Title of the discount.
    • Function: Select Standard for a discount that is based on a product or an order.
    • Type: You can select:
      • Amount: A whole dollar discount.
      • Percentage: A percentage discount.
      • Re-Price: Reprices every item the discount is applied.
      • Alt Price: Denotes the dollar value that the product will be charged for depending on the Alternative Price amount set in the Product Details per each product.
    • Amount: Enter the amount of the discount depending on your Type selection.
    • Qualification Type: Choose between:
      • All: Allows you to apply the discount at the product level or order level.
      • Item: Allows you to apply the discount to products only.
      • Order: Allows you to apply the discount to orders only.
    • If you chose Item or Order as the Qualification Type, then you can further specify the qualifications for the discount. From the next drop-down, you can choose if a product from a specific Class, a product from a specific Group, a Modifier, a modifier from a specific Modifier Class, or a specific Product.
    • If you chose a class, group, modifier, modifier, modifier class, or product, then you can specify which in the Qualifying Data field.
    • Auto Apply: Check this box if you want the discount to automatically apply based on qualifying data.
    • Item Level: Check this box if you chose the Qualification Type as Order. Item Level applies the discount amount to each item on the order instead of to the subtotal of the order.
    • Once all fields are complete, click Save in the top right corner to save your discount:

Editing Discounts

You can update any details of a discount or enable more detailed discount features. To do so:

    1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Products tab and click Discounts from the left side.
    2. Locate the discount you would like to modify and click the pencil icon to the far right.
    3. The Discount Details screen allows you to edit any of the original details along with the following:
      • Barcode: If you would like to scan the discount on the POS with your barcode scanner, enter the discount's barcode in this field.
      • Discount Code: If the discount requires entering a unique discount code, check the corresponding box. Then, use the Import Discount Codes function at the bottom of the page to upload the sheet of codes.
      • Active: Dictates whether the discount is active or inactive.
      • Brand Level: Dictates whether the discount is available to other establishments within the same Brand.
      • Display on iPad: Makes the discount available to be applied manually on the POS app. Keep this checked if using barcode discounts or discount codes.
      • Password Required: Requires a managerial PIN is entered in order to apply the discount on the POS.
      • How Often to Apply: How many times the discount can be applied to a single order. The options are:
        • Once Per Order: Discount can only be applied to a single product.
        • Once Per User Selection: Discount will be applied each time the user selects it.
        • To All Applicable Items: Discount will be applied every time the qualification rules are met:
      • The Basic Discount Rules allow you to further customize the discount. Some helpful options are:
        • Wholesale: A wholesale discount will change the actual price of the product. It will not appear as a discount on the order, on receipts, or on reports.
        • Effective Dates/ Times: The days of the week, times of day, or date range when this discount is applicable. This is useful for Happy Hours or limited time offers.
        • Maximum Off: The maximum dollar amount that can be taken off with this discount.
        • Apply to Base Product Only: Discount will be calculated based off the base product price only. This does not take into account any additional charge that may have been levied by adding modifiers.
        • Exclude from Upsell Discount: This will exclude an Upsell Combo from the discount you've created. This will only apply the discount to the base product on the combo, rather than the entire order:
      • The Advanced Discount Rules will populate if the Qualification Type if set to any option other than All. The advanced rules provide more options to help customize your discount. These are:
        • Number of Products Required to Earn Discount: The number of products of a class or group that a customer must purchase before earning the discount. Once this number has been reached, the discount will apply according to the other rules selected.
        • Apply to All Qualifying Products/ Class/ Group: Applies the discount to the entire qualifying class/ group, depending on your selection in the Basic Discount Rules. For example. purchase 3 shirts and receive 10% off ALL shirts.
        • Apply to All Products Required to Earn Discount: Applies the discount to each product required to earn the discount. For example, purchase 3 shirts to get 10% off the 3 shirts but any additional shirt will not receive the discount.
        • Discount Applies To: Populates if Apply to all Qualifying Products/ Class/ Group is left unchecked. Select the discount application from the drop-down, the discount will apply to same as the qualifying products OR different products, group, or class:
        • Click Save when done.

Adding Discounts Details to Secondary Receipts

If you would like to print discount details or promotional text on a separate receipt:

      1. In the Management Console, go to the Settings tab and click Clear Selections. Then, type additional discount in the search box.
      2. From the left side menu, check the box next to Additional discount details for separate receipt so the settings appear on the right side.
      3. Check the box next to the setting Additional Discount Details for Separate Receipt:
      4. Click Save when done.

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