ID Tech Card Swipe

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ID Tech card swipes are used for clients who are accepting credit card payments at their establishment and intend to hardwire the device into the router. Prior to making a sample credit card transaction, please verify with Technical Support that you have set up your Payment Gateway correctly. If not, you will receive an error message on the login screen of the POS prompting you to set the proper credit card settings on the backend.

Although clients should select their payment gateway when initially purchasing the system, they are nevertheless able to identify which payment gateway is compatible with their particular card swipe by identifying the injection key on the backside of the card swipe. Currently, ID Tech card swipes have the following encryptions:

Payment Gateway Injection Key
Mercury IDT-KEYINJ-058







Hardware Setup

ID Techs are shipped with an R212 box (a serial-to-ethernet converter) in order to function with the router. ID Techs have a serial cable, which is inserted into the R212 box. The R212 box is in turn connected to the router.

For the convenience of our clients, the R212's usually have a label placed on the box which will denote the card swipe that corresponds with the box. For example, the label card swipe 1 signifies that the ID Tech card swipe connect to the R212 will be known as card swipe 1, which will work with POS 1. 

For a schema on the card swipe setup, please refer to the PDF attached to this article.


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