Tyro Payments Troubleshooting

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Here are the steps to troubleshoot the Tyro/Revel integration:

  1. If the Tyro terminal is wired, check the connections to the router.
  2. If the Tyro terminal is wireless, check it is on the rev network
  3. Check that all the iPads in store have the correct static IPs assigned – do NOT alter what is on the Revel backend
  4. Check that the Merchant ID and Terminal ID are entered correctly on Revel in Settings > Payments
    • The client can find these on the Tyro terminal in the Configuration menu (also known as MID and TID)
  5. Check what the integration type is on the Tyro terminal – in the Admin menu, the integration mode should be Pay@Table – Retail or Restaurant
  6. Check that Credit is enabled as a payment type on the iPad station
  7. To process a transaction, the client must press Credit on Revel, then on the Tyro terminal, either type in 1 or 0 or their Revel login code, then press enter. Note that if their Revel login code starts with a 0, they will need to change it so it does not.
  8. If they are still experiencing issues, provide them with the static IP of the station their Tyro terminal is at, and advise them to contact Tyro to ensure it is correctly configured on their end.


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