Star Bluetooth Printer Not Printing

By Ron

iOS 9 Compatibility Warning: The Star Micronics TSP650II Bluetooth printer is not compatible with Revel iPads running iOS 9. We suggest that you avoid upgrading your iPads to iOS 9 for the time being, and will provide more information as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience, and our apologies for the trouble!

Before troubleshooting, tap the button in the upper left hand side of the Revel POS screen. Select printers and check if the printer in question is saying “cancel redirect”. If it does, click on it and it will then say “Redirect” only. If that is not the case, log out of the Revel POS and close the application. To close the application double tap the home button on the ipad and swipe up the Revel application from the screen then proceed with the following steps:


  1. In the Management Console, confirm that the printer is set to Star TSP650 BT


  1. In the iPad settings, go to Bluetooth and check if it is turned on. If it is, look for Star Micronics on the list and click on it to connect. If it says connected, log into the Revel app and try printing again.


  1. If the printer is still not working, go back to the iPad Bluetooth settings, click on the Star Micronics and then click “Forget the device.” Turn Bluetooth off and then on and proceed with the pairing procedure:


    1. After turning the printer's power switch off and then on, insert a thin object, such as the tip of a pen or paper clip, into the pinhole PAIR button on the back of the printer. Hold it for 5 seconds or more. After releasing it, the LED will start flashing green and pairing will be active for 60 seconds.
    2. When the name of the printer, Star Micronics, appears on the list tap on it to connect it. The PAIR LED on the printer will change color from green to blue.
    3. Open Revel POS, refresh, login, and try to do a test print.


If all of the above fails, proceed with resetting the printer:

  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Insert a thin object, such as the tip of a pen or paper clip, into the pinhole button with RST next to it. While holding it, turn on the printer. Keep holding it for 4 more seconds. The POWER LED (green) and the ERROR LED (red) on the front of the printer will start flashing.

  3. After releasing the RST button, if the LED stops flashing and the POWER LED remains lit green within 12 seconds, the process is complete. If the LED continues to flash for longer than 12 seconds after releasing the RST button, this indicates that initialization was not successful and the process has to be repeated.

  4. If successful, turn off and then turn on the printer, and follow the pairing procedure described above.


One last option is to factory Reset the iPad and try again.



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