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The Speed of Service report records the actual time completed from KDS and it also applies to the expedite when user hits done. You can gauge how fast certain cooks are and even how long before something is taking to prepare.

The Speed of Service report shows the time an item/order stays in either Kitchen or Expedite view before it is marked completed and/or done.

If only one KDS is in use, you can switch between views to utilize the full scope of the report.

NOTE: The Speed of Service report is only available if you have a Kitchen Display Screen (KDS).

This report is found under Reports -> Other Reports -> Speed of Service

Key Term:

  • Kitchen Display Screen (KDS): Instead of physical kitchen printer receipts, the KDS software allows you to display the kitchen queue up on an iPad. This allows cook manage their queue via the iPad and select “done” when an item is finished. That information transmits to the expedite screen.
  • Expedite Screen: This software displays the order that was sent to the cook to complete. Once a cook completes an item on the KDS, the information transmits to the expedite screen to inform server or waiter that the food is ready.


Filters & Options

You can display the data either by item or by order. You can also filter by employee as well.

  • By Item: You can choose to view the speed of service based on item or by order. By default, “By Item” is selected and it shows the average time it took. If you set it for “By Order”, it will display all the orders taken in the selected timeframe. The time for “Time on KDS” and “Time on expedite” is the time it took the item that took the longest.


  • Employee: View only orders or items that were rung up for specific employee.


  • Date Range: Choose a specific time range you want to see. If “By Item” view is selected, it will show the average time based on all the times the item was rung up during the time range. If “By Order” is selected, it will display all the order IDs in the time range.


  • Expand All: This will expand all the additional information for each item or order (depending on which view you have). In “By Item” mode, you will see the each order the item was rung up in with the employee name, start time, KDS complete time, and the expedite complete time. You also have the option to expand specific items/orders by click the arrow to the left of the name.

Additional information for “Lg. Italian Bacon Cheese” item


  • Export Options: You can export this report to CSV or Excel.

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