Speed of Service Report

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The Speed of Service report records the time an item spent on the Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) until the time it was delivered to the customer. Use this report to gauge how long items are in the kitchen from start of order to completion.


Accessing the Speed of Service Report

  1. To access the Speed of Service report, login to the Management Console [yourdomainname.revelup.com].
  2. Navigate to Reports, then choose Other Reports. Select the Speed of Service report:


Filtering the Report

You can filter the Speed of Service report by Employees, Product Class and/or choose the Time Format you'd like to display: 2.jpg

  • Employees: Use this drop-down menu to view the metrics of a specific employee.
  • Product Class: 
  • Time Format: 

Additionally, you can Expand All or Collapse All - depending on how much detail you want displayed.

The View By...option allows you to select if you want to view the report by the Items that were sold or by complete Orders:3.jpg

Time Range: If you click on the Date at the top of the report, a window will display to adjust the time range of the report. You can choose today, yesterday, this week, this month, last week, last month, or input a custom date/time range.


Components of Report

  1. Item/Order: Depending on how you have your report filtered using the View By...drop-down, you'll see a column for either the name of the item or an order number.
  2. Employee: The name of the Employee who rang in the Order/Item.
  3. Start Time: Time the Order was started on the Point of Sale.
  4. KDS Complete: Time the Order was marked as complete on the KDS.
  5. Expedite Complete: Time the order was marked as complete on Expedite.
  6. Time on KDS: The total amount of time the item spent on the KDS screen.
  7. Time on Expedite: The total amount of time the item spent on Expedite screen.
  8. Total Kitchen Time: The total amount of time the item spent in the kitchen, from the time the order was sent to the kitchen to the time it left the kitchen:5.jpg

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