This report displays all the tills that were opened, held, and closed from each of your POS stations. Instead of keep track of your tills based from the print out; this report reconciles all the tills ever opened. Also allows you to monitor the till report live.

You can click the row to collapse more information of the till.

Key Term

  • Pay Ins: Displays the number of pay-ins to the till along with the reason inputted.
  • Pay Outs: Displays the number of pay-outs from the till along with the reason inputted.
  • Starting Cash: The amount of cash in the till at opening.
  • Declared Cash: The amount of cash the employee enters in after closing the till.
  • Expected Cash: The final amount of cash the iPad expects to be in the till (Starting Cash + Pay Ins + Cash Transactions - Pay Outs – Bank Drop = Expected Cash).
  • Variance: The difference between expected cash vs declared cash.

Filters & Options

  • Show Open, Held & Closed: Allows you to select which tills you want to view by that status. For example, you only want to view open tills.
  • Date Range: Select the date or date range you wish to view the tills for.




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