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This report displays all of your receiptless returns done for your establishment. This feature is mainly used by retail stores but can be used for table service or quick service as well if enabled.

The report is broken down into two sections, one for cash returns and one for store credit returns. When receiptless return is made on the iPad, you have the option to select those two kind of tender. Within each section, it is organized by product name by default. Selecting the arrow next to the name will display each return for the product as well as additional information such employee name, customer name, and the reason.

This report is located in Products -> Other Reports -> Receiptless Returns


Filter & Options

Group By: You can group the information by product name or return ID. Each return will automatically be assigned a return ID by our system. If you group by Return ID, an additional option will appear which is “Sort By”.Group by: Return ID with the additional sort options

  • Employee: Filter the receiptless returns done by specific employee.
  • Date Range: Select a date or range you wish to view for the receiptless returns.
  • S/N Search by: Selecting the S/N box will add an additional serial number column. You can also search up any receiptless returns by S/N.

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