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Your Payroll can easily be managed in Revel as long as you have your employees clock in and clock out for their shifts. You can see a detailed chart of your employees’ wages and pay, as well as hours worked - all information that is calculated based on your time sheet rules. If you accept tips, the declared tip and non-cash tips can also be adjusted under Payroll as well.


How to Use Payroll

Payroll will give you a summary of your employee total hours and wages. If your establishment accepts tips, you will also be able to view your employee tips in this section. To view this data:

  1. From the Management Console [], navigate to the Schedules tab.
  2. Click Payroll:
  3. Using the calendar filter, you can adjust the timeframe for the payroll data you would like to see, using a standard range from Sunday to Saturday or input a custom range:

How to View Declared Tips and Non-Cash Tips

Declared Tips are used by Restaurants and Quick-Service Restaurant establishments to keep record of cash tips. When enabled, employees can input the value of cash tips received on the Point of Sale. Additionally, you can view any credit tips that were accounted for in the system, based on the information servers input upon completing a credit transaction; these will show as Non-Cash Tips.

To view either Declared Tips and/or Non-Cash Tips: 

  1. First, ensure that tip reporting is activated on your Payroll report. To do so, navigate to Time Sheet Rules and, depending on your business needs, make sure that that Display Declared Tips in Payroll and/or Display Payment Tips in Payroll are activated:
  2. Click Save.
  3. Now, you can navigate to Schedules and select Payroll and any tip reporting should display. NOTE: You may have to scroll to the right to see the tip columns:4.jpg

How to Use Filters & Other Options in Payroll

In Payroll, you can adjust the different options listed on the right to display the data by hours worked or by HH:MM. You can also filter the view by roles or departments. If you would like to change the date, select the Date Range on the top right of the page. Then select the desired week you would like to view.

Setting Description
All Roles Drop Down Allows filtering of the Payroll report for specific roles or departments.
Decimal Displays the data in either hours worked (3.5) or HH:MM (03:30) format.
Date Range By default, the payroll report will be broken down weekly. If you want to change the week, please click the box and select the week you wish to view.
Custom Select Custom to select a custom time range. Then select the start date and end date.
Show All Displays all employees, both inactive and active employees.
Hide Empty Hides any employees with zero hours worked.
Expand Roles Displays the roles of each employee and time worked in each role. For example if someone had two roles, waiter and bartender.

You can also choose to export a list of of your payroll data to save locally or to print, using one of the many export options:

For more information on creating or updating an employee schedule, please view our Shift Schedules guide.

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