Establishment Payments Report

By Kelsey


This report is used mainly by users with multiple establishments to view a condensed version of the Sales Summary report for each establishment. It's also used for chain or franchisee owners who collect a percentage of payments for royalties.


Establishment Payments Report Tour

The various components of the Establishment Payments Report are:

    1. Filters button: Click this to choose Inclusions settings:

    2. ... icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

    3. % of Total Payments: Use this to select the percentage of total payments you'd like to view:

    4. Basic Columns Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to view your report by basic columns or all columns:

    5. Establishment: The specific establishment.
    6. Taxable Sales: Total taxable sales.
    7. Non-Taxable Sales: Total non-taxable sales.
    8. Taxable Service Fees: Total taxable service fees.
    9. Non-Taxable Service Fees: Total non-taxable service fees.
    10. CRV Charges (included to sales): Total CRV (California Redemption Value) charges.
    11. Donations: Total donations.
    12. Average Check: Average per order.
    13. Gross Sales: Total taxable and non-taxable sales and service fees, pre-discount, pre-tax. Includes voids/ returns.
    14. Items: Total products sold during reporting period.
    15. Orders: Total orders made during reporting period.
    16. Coupons: Total coupons applied.
    17. Total Discounts: Total discounts applied. Includes item discounts, order discounts, and exchange discounts.
    18. Net Sales: Total sales less discounts. Pre-tax.
    19. Surcharges: Total surcharges collected. Reflects voids/ returns and all discounts.
    20. Taxes: Total taxes.
    21. CRV Charges: Total CRV (California Redemption Value) charges.
    22. Total Taxes: Total taxes.
    23. Gift Cards: Total of gift cards sold.
    24. Store Credit: Total of store credit given.
    25. Deposits: Total deposits made to invoices.
    26. Liabilities: Total activity affecting liabilities. Both activities that increase liabilities (including the sale of gift cards or the taking of a deposit on an invoice) and activities that decrease liabilities (including the use of gift cards or payments against house accounts).
    27. Payments Against House Accounts: All payments, including refunds, made against house accounts.
    28. Net To Account For: Total of Net Sales + Taxes + Liabilities.
    29. Payments: Total payments.
    30. Refunds: Total value of all refunded payments.
    31. Cash: Total amount of cash payments.
    32. Credit: Total amount of credit payments.
    33. House Account: Total house account activity, including payments made with and against house accounts.
    34. Total Payments: Total of all payments, including refunds and excluding tips.
    35. % of Total Payments: The percent of total payments based on the amount entered in the above filter.
    36. Payins Number: Total number of payins.
    37. Payouts Number: Total number of payouts.
    38. Payins Total: Total number and value of payins to the till.
    39. Payouts Total: Total number and value of payouts to the till.
    40. Total Transactions: The number of orders opened during the reporting period.
    41. Total Invoices: The number of invoices opened during the reporting period

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