PayPal setup instructions

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PayPal can be used for two things - one is as a payment provider on your online ordering, and the second is as a Order Ahead function via the PayPal app. 

To set up either of these:

1. Go to

2. Select Sign Up 

3. Select Business Account Signup

4. Confirm that the company is listed under the name that it is registered against.

5. Make sure the entity is selected accurately.

6. Ensure the currency and timezone are correctly set.

7. Please log in to the email used and confirm that this will be the address attached to the PayPal account.


Once completed, please contact Revel Support to enable the PayPal settings.

Once PayPal has been enabled on your Management Console:

1. Go to Settings > PayPal Settings

2. Sign in with your PayPal account

3. If you want to use PayPal for Order Ahead via the PayPal app:

   a. Within PayPal Settings, select the Location Setup tab

   b. Update details accordingly - note these will all be visible on the app

   c. Tick the Accept mobile Web Orders through PayPal checkbox

   d. Save

   e. Configure the Order Ahead tab accordingly

   f. Settings > Timetables. Configure these as per your store open times

4. If you want to use PayPal for your online ordering:

   a. Contact your Sales Rep to purchase the online ordering platform and have it enabled

   b. Settings > Payments > PayPal - tick enable PayPal For Online Ordering

   c. Go to and login. Applications > Create App. Name it Revel then click Create.

   d. It will show REST API Credentials - Test Credentials will be visible. Ensure next to "Live Credentials" you tick Show to get the Live details.

   e. Copy client_id and secret from PayPal and enter these into Revel in Payments > PayPal.

   f. The other fields will auto populate once you initiate a transaction online

   g. Tick test_mode while testing, and untick when you are ready to go live.

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