Setting a Static WAN IP address on the TP-Link routers

By Sam


Make sure the client is connected to the router. This can either be by a wireless connection through the Access Point (assuming it is online and broadcasting) or through a direct ethernet connection to one of the TP-Link Router’s yellow LAN ports.

  1. Open a Web Browser and type the router’s IP address into the Address Bar:
  2. Once the Router page comes up, click the “Setup” tab in the upper left.
  3. When prompted for a User Name and Password  enter: 
    Name:   admin
    Password:  revelrocks! (new password 8/3/15: revelrocks)
  4. Near the top of the page under WAN Setup/Wan Connection Type:

a. Change the Connection Type drop down from “Automatic Configuration - DHCP”  to “Static IP”
b. Enter the WAN IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway information as provided by your ISP.
c. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”  
d. Wait a few moments for the screen to reload and then click “Apply Settings"

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