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By Amelia Dwyer | Updated

Note: This feature will prompt only on your Point of Sale (POS) and not on your Customer Display System (CDS).

The quick donation feature allows your customers to easily donate their change or a chosen dollar amount with their order.


Management Console Setup

Quick Donations must be enabled and setup on your Management Console ([yoursubdomain] before using them on the Revel Point of Sale. 

  1. Go to Settings > Quick Donation.
  2. Activate Enable Quick Donation.
  3. Choose which donation settings you would like to be available options (Change, Default Amount and Free Donation).
  4. Click Save:

Change: The change between order total and the next highest dollar amount. Default Amount: Enter up to 3 default amounts for donation. Free Donation: Manually enter donation amounts on the Point of Sale.

Using Donations on your Point of Sale

On the point of sale “Order Screen”, follow these steps to apply a donation: 

  1. Select the Donate button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the desired donation amount on the “Select Donation Amount” popup.
  3. Click Ok.

Change Donation: Default Amount Donation: Free Donation: You will be prompted to enter an amount and click ok.  A free donation can also be added to an order on the point of sale from the product list.

  1. On the order screen, select Donations > Donations (Category > Product).
  2. Enter a donation amount on the “Free Donation Enter Amount” prompt.

The Donation Product is automatically created by Revel when the Free Donation Setting is enabled in Revel’s Management Console. This product is created as an ‘untaxed’ item.

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