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The quick donation feature allows your customers to easily donate their change or preset dollar amounts to the order.


Backend Setup:

Settings > Advanced Settings > Quick Donation:

  1. Activate ‘Enable Quick Donation’
  2. Activate any or all of below options ­ Change, Default Amount and Free Donation.



  • Change ­ the change option allows the user to create a donation that is the amount of change between the Total and the next highest dollar amount.
  • Default Change ­ Enter up to 3 comma separated numbers for default donation amounts.
  • Free Donation ­ Check this box to be able to manually input donation amounts.



  1. Install and launch POS
  2. Add some items to the order
  3. From Order screen, select ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of the order screen
  1. Select Donation Amount’ popup is appeared
  1. Select any button ­ > Change/Dollar Amount/Other and click OK
    1. If  ‘Change’ button selected, the donation item will be the amount of change between the Total and the next highest dollar amount added to the order. In this example, the total was $12.94 so the change donation was $0.06 to even it out to $13.00
    2. If any Dollar amount button selected, the donation item with that amount added to the order
    3. If  ‘Other’ button selected, ‘Enter amount’ popup is appeared with the input window that allows the user input the amount of the donation:
    4. The donation can be added also via Product Menu → Donation category > Donation subcategory > Donation product. This is automatically created if you have Free Donation checked on.‘Enter Amount’ popup is appeared by selecting Donation product. Enter any amount and click OK > donation is added to the order.
    5. You can put several donations to the order if you wish.
  1. Please note, the donation that added to the order it is *untaxed* item. No any taxes shall apply to donation and it should be reflected in all reports on the backend → Tax, Sales Summary, Order History, etc.





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