How to Add Credit Card Tips and Batch on the Point of Sale

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Tips are an important part of many businesses and are a vital source of income for a lot of employees. Revel easily allows you to manage and track tips. You can add tips in two ways from your Point of Sale.


How to Add Tips Through the Payment Screen

It is possible to either enter a tip before closing out an order or by reopening a closed order. Once the order is open, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Pay. Once they payment screen opens, tap the Tip Amount button. (NOTE: If the order is not closed yet, it is required to take payment first before being able to add tip amount. So, you'll need to process any credit transactions FIRST and then add the tip amount after.)
  2. Enter the tip amount and confirm. Tap Done:
  3. The tip amount will be saved in the system and will be batched at the time indicated in your Settings on the Management Console or you can manually batch (see Steps 2 and 3 below). Once the transactions are batched (captured), you will then be able to view the order amounts, plus tips, in any reports where tips are tracked.

How to Add Tips Through the Batch Screen

Use the batch screen to enter all tip amounts at the end of the day.

    1. On the dashboard, tap Payments Waiting to Batch:
    2. Locate the order that needs to be adjust. You can use the search icon to search by Order IDTransaction #Last 4 Credit Card DigitsCard Holder Last Name, or Card Holder First Name. Enter the tip amount that needs adjusted for each order in the Tip field.


How to Manually Batch Credit Cards

When you are ready to batch/capture credit cards, you can do so from the same screen where you adjust tips:

  1. On the Point of Sale, depending on your POS Role Permissions, login as a manager or owner.
  2. Click on Payments Waiting to Batch:

  3. You'll see all transactions that have not been batched. You choose to Capture an individual order's payment or you can choose Capture All to process everything at once:


  4. You'll be prompted to confirm the number of transactions to be captured. NOTE: Once a payment is captured, it cannot be altered:
  5. You'll receive final confirmation once the order(s) is/are batched and then you will be able to view the information in any sales reports. 

If the iPads are in a syncing environment (such as a table service environment), only one batch process is necessary, which occurs on the main station. If the iPad stations are not in sync with each other, a batch process will need to be done on each iPad.

Please Note: If an employee cannot see their personal tip processing on the Point of Sale, it's because there are certain POS Role Permissions turned on for that role.

To fix this, go to the Management Console and navigate to the Employees Tab. Select Permissions, then choose POS Role Permissions. Locate the employee's role in the table and uncheck Owner Access and Batch Process, then click Save. Make sure to refresh each station.



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