How to Activate and Deactivate Nested Menus

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There are two different ways to view your menu on your Revel Point of Sale - by activating or deactivating Nested Menus. 

Nested Menus Activated - Your menu will appear as a click through menu style where top menu, category and subcategory are listed in a bar above the menu.

Nested Menus Deactivated - Your menu will be displayed in a tiered format with full rows of categories and subcategories above the products.


Activating/Deactivating Nested Menu

To activate or deactivate: 

  1. Go to the Management Console []
  2. Navigate to Settings. Under Basic POS settings, check or uncheck the box to Activate or Deactivate nested menus, respectively. Be sure to choose Save when finished:1.jpg
  3. Refresh each of your Point of Sale stations for the changes to take effect.


Viewing Enabled Nested Menu on the Point of Sale

Below is what your nested menu will look like. On the Top Menu, you'll see all available categories: 


Once you select a Category, you'll see all associated Subcategories:


Once a Subcategory is selected you will see all associated products. You can use the navigational bar at the top to go through the different levels of you menu, including back to the Top Menu or to view categories or subcategories:5.jpg 

Viewing Disabled Nested Menu on the Point of Sale

Below is a screenshot of what your Point of Sale will look like if nested menus are disabled; notice you all categories, subcategories and products appear on one page: 



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