Where to go to manage payroll

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Payroll can be managed under the Schedules section:


Time Worked

Shows the actual hours worked by each employee for the chosen week. The start and end time depend on when the employees clock in and out on the POS Platform. Some steps for the hours worked functions are explained below:


Manually Entering or Changing Time Worked

Note: This is very similar to creating a shift schedule.

  1. Click on the box of the corresponding date and employee.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. Enter the start/end time (in 00:00 format).

  4. Click Save.


Exporting Data

Click PDF or CSV to export data into one of the two formats.



Allows the ability to see total hours worked (reg, OT, 2x OT) with rate and total pay for each employee set according to the Time Sheet Rules and their pay rate.


Changing the Time Frame

  1. Click the date to change to the week of choice.

  2. To have a custom timeframe, click the Custom button next

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