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Retail Service Settings


Retail Auto Prompt Mode: If enabled, users will be prompted to enter the barcode number of an item when opening a new order.


Retail Edit Screen Mode: If enabled, adding an item to an order will automatically open that item’s details screen.


Add Extra Item by Weight: If enabled, the Add Extra Item window will communicate with the scales to accept weighted items. Enabling this will allow you to add items to orders by weight that aren’t already on your menu.


Inventory Control Reset Product Price: Enabling this, allows users to reset the price of a product using the inventory app on the iPad. Users will not be required to do this via that back end although the iPad POS station is still required to be refreshed.


Show me Matches on Close Matches: If no exact barcode number is found, the POS will offer close alternatives.


Create Item on Unmatched Barcode: Scanning a barcode and fail to find a match on the system, this feature allows creation of a new item on the server. Item can be later modified in the management console.


Track Commissions: If enabled, the POS will track commissions earned by employees. Commission’s amount can be changed within the specific products’ details. To learn more, click here.


Limit Voids/Returns: Check this box and input the number of days beyond which you will not accept voids/returns.


Limit Exchanges: Check this box and input the number of days beyond which you will not accept exchanges.


Order and Item Print Options: If enabled, Order Options and Item Print functionality will be exposed to Retail Mode.


Support Tips: Check this to enable taking and tracking items types in Retail Service.



Lock Scale Amount: If enabled, you will not be able to input a manual weight if the scales report an amount greater than zero.


Number of Digits to Right of Decimal: Enter the number of digits that will display to the right of the decimal place for weighted items. This is critical for pound and kilogram scales.


Label for Manual Weights: Revel uses this label on the POS and receipts to signify manually entered weights.


Convert oz to lb: If enabled, ounce scales will show measurements as pounds.


Default weighing unit: This unit of measurement will be used when entering manual weights.



Customize Add Extra Item: When enabled, you may enter up to 15 Add Extra Item types and their associated tax rates. Extra Items are those that don’t appear on your menu.



Suppress Prices on POS: If enabled, POS stations running in Donation Mode will not display price or other financial totals.


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