Service fees allow either a percentage charge or flat fee to be added to an order. A service fee can be added manually or automatically applied, based on certain criteria. Keep in mind that a Service Fee is not the same as gratuity.


Enabling a Service Fee

Please note that Service Fees are not enabled by default. Here's how to enable service fees:

  1. From the Management Console navigate to Setting .
  2. Using the search box, enter Enable Service Fee. Then select the check box on the left.
  3. Next, select Enable Service Fee on the right side of the page. Then click Save.

Creating Service Fee

Once service fee is enabled, a new tab will appear from the Products icon.

  1. On the management console, go to Products > Service Fees.
  2. Fill out the Name, Amount, Type, and Application for the Service Fee.
  3. If the Service Fee is Taxed, check the box for Tax. If the Service Fee is applied after Tax, check the box for Post Tax.

  4. Then click Save. If you would like this service fee to automatically apply, select the Details icon on the right. 
  5. Under the Service Fee Auto Apply field, select Dining option as your type.
  6. Under Dining option, type in Delivery.
  7. Lastly, click Save.

Auto-Apply Advanced Settings

Service fees are by default manually selected on the iPad POS platform. However, if your application type is by Order, you can set certain service fees to be applied automatically.

    1. Click the Details button of the service fee.
    2. Click Type at the bottom and select how to auto-apply.


Setting Description
Timeslot Automatically applies the service fee from within the time frame. You can set it by specific date and time.
Payment Type Select what type of payment type to automatically apply the service fee.
Guest Count Automatically applies depending on the guest count of the table.
By Dining Option Automatically applies depending on the dining option of the order.

Applying Service Fee on iPad POS:

Applying a Service Fee to an Item:

  1. If you are adding a service fee just to one item, tap on the name of the item on the order screen.

  2. Then tap the Service Fee button. If a service fee was preset in the management console, you can tap that service fee.
  3. If a service fee is not created, select Manual and enter the amount and reason for this fee. Then tap Ok.

Applying a Service Fee to an Order

  1. To apply a service fee to the entire purchase, use the action icons on the bottom of the order screen.
  2. Scroll the action icons to the left or right until you see the Service Fee icon.
  3. After selecting Service Fee, tap on an existing service fee, or tap manual to create a new one.

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