Setting Up Catering Delivery

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Catering Delivery

Bakeries, restaurants, and other businesses in the service industry may offer catering for customers’ events and gatherings. Revel’s catering module allows these businesses to upload these orders onto their POS, in order to accurately record their sales while providing a way to keep track of the dates to prepare and deliver these orders.


Setting Up Catering Delivery

    1. To set up catering delivery, log into your Management Console (
    2. Navigate to your Settings home page.
    3. Click the Clear All Selections link next to the menu on the left-hand side:
    4. In the search box, type the word Catering and check the box Catering Delivery Tracking:

    5. Check the box on the right-hand side to enable this feature:
    6. Click Save and refresh your POS.
Note: Although not necessary, modifications should be made to the POS menu to reflect differences in prices for your catering menu items. Usually, clients will create the same item twice, for example:
Greek Salad $4.50
Greek Salad $35
The first Greek Salad is meant to be sold individually, and may be categorized under a general Menu. The second salad may be categorized under a separate Catering Menu to prevent any mistakes in entering orders on the iPad POS Platform.
Moreover, the catering version of products (in this case, the Greek Salad) may be priced at $0.00 and then enabled with price override, so employees or managers have the ability to charge a specific amount for small to large orders without having to create multiple catering versions of the products. (To see how Price Override works, please click Price Override Open Items)

Catering Orders on the POS

  1. To take a catering order on the POS Station, open a new order:
  2. Add your items to the order.
  3. Using the Action Buttons at the bottom of the order, select Dining Option and choose Catering from the menu that appears:
  4. When catering is selected as the dining option, a prompt will appear to select a delivery date and time. You can choose to assign separate delivery dates to individual products, or select one date for the entire order:
  5. The next screen will prompt you to select a customer to add to the order. Filter and/or select the customer to be attached to the order, and then tap Add To Order:
  6. Once the customer is added to the order, select the Invoice option from the action buttons at the bottom of the order:

    To see how Invoices are enabled and how to accept Deposits on the POS, please click Invoices & Deposits.

Viewing All Catering Orders on the POS

You can pull up all active and complete catering orders on your POS, and view the order details.

Active Orders

  1. Tap on the Catering button on the POS Dashboard:
  2. This will open the Catering Delivery page. Your active orders will show on the screen in a list sorted by newest first. You can customize the view by day, week, month, and all future orders as well as by item or order groups.
    img src="/hc/en-us/article_attachments/201610363/pic7.PNG" alt="" />
  3. You can view catering orders whose delivery dates were set to the day prior, that day (for any outstanding catering orders due today), those for tomorrow, as well as view for all catering orders, both active and inactive, placed for the current week, current month, or all catering orders set to a future date:
  4. To mark an entire order as complete, simply tap in the Complete checkbox to mark it complete. Note that it is possible to mark individual items in the order as being complete by tapping on the Expand All button to the right:

Completed Orders

  1. Click View Complete at the bottom of the Catering Delivery home page on the POS.
  2. All completed catering orders will appear as a list from newest to oldest. Tap on a line at any time to pull up a quick view of the order, including delivery dates and other items from the order.

Viewing Catering Orders on the Management Console

You can view catering orders using the Catering Delivery report in your management console. Check out our article Catering Delivery Report Overview to learn how to use this report.

Note: The Catering report is meant to be used for reference only. To mark orders as complete, to take deposit on a catering order, or any other action done to an order must be done on the POS Platform.

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