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How to void the transaction or item



Follow these instructions to void or return an item. If payment was taken for the order, at the end of this process, the system will ask to refund the voided/returned amount back to the customer. Not refunding the order back will result in a negative balance which will need to be settled by either refunding the difference OR adding items to make up difference.

In order to refund a customer a portion of the check, an item must be voided.

To view all voids made, click here for the void report.


Step 1:

Select the item to void on the order screen and it will bring up a prompt window.


Step 2:

Select “void item(s)”. Note, this window only comes up after sending the item to the kitchen OR having already paid for the order. Choose whether to void a selected product or to select multiple products.


Step 3:

Once item or items are selected, enter in the void reason.

Step 4:

Hit enter then choose whether to return the product back to the inventory.

Step 5:

Select to refund the amount, don’t refund, or cancel the entire process. Not refunding will result in a negative balance which needs to be settled by either refunding or adding items.



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