Scale Troubleshooting

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When troubleshooting scales, it's important to understand that there are two possible points of failure - the scales themselves and a serial server (often called the "R212 box").

To determine which device is causing problems follow these steps:

  • Make sure the scales are on and the display shows weight as 0.
    • If the display does not turn on, check whether the scales are plugged in. The power cable may be damaged or disconnected.
    • If the display does not show the weight as 0, make sure the metal lid is correctly placed and press the button to set the weight to 0 manually.
  • Make sure the serial server is connected to the scales and has two lights glowing - one green and one red.
    • If there are no lights, the serial server is likely not connected to an outlet. The power cable may be damaged or disconnected.
  • Open the POS application and try adding a weighted item to the order. A prompt should show up and try to display the weight on the platter.
    • If there is no prompt, the product is not set up as weighted. This can be done on the Management Console - refer to Basic Product Details Retail for more info.
    • If the POS displays a prompt saying that the scales could not be reached, make sure the serial box is wired correctly. Refer to the wiring diagram below for reference.
  • Add an item on the platter and make sure the scales display the weight correctly.
    • If the weight is displayed incorrectly, please refer to the product manual to correctly calibrate your scales and set the appropriate weight unit.
    • If no weight is displayed, the hardware may be defective and need to be replaced.
  • Check the POS to see what is being displayed in the weight prompt.
  • If the weight prompt displays "-----" - the weight is considered unstable. That means it changes too often for the POS to get a reliable answer.
  • Assuming the weight on the platter is stable, the likely cause is a misconfigured serial box. Contact Revel Support to review the serial box configuration.
  • If the weight prompt displays "^^^^^" or "vvvvv", the weight is too heavy or too light for the scale to detect.
    • This can often be solved by calibrating the scales according to the product manual or switching to a model with a different weight range.
  • If the weight prompt is empty, the POS application will likely need to be updated.

Please contact Revel Support outside of business hours to perform the update procedure.

For easier troubleshooting, refer to the standard wiring diagram to ensure all cables are plugged in correctly:

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