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This report will allow you to view all the customers’ orders. Whenever you attach a customer to an order, all of that data is saved and can be pulled up in this report. This is highly valuable information especially with those who have repeat customers or would like to track them.

The number that displays next to the name of the customer is the amount of orders they have associated with them based on the time range selected. The above example is set to show all customers and all their orders.


Show Information + Order

In this report, you’re able to easily view the customer’s basic information along with all the orders attached to them. Within each order, you can pull up the order details as well.

  • Selecting “Show Information” for customer. This collapses some information regarding the customer such as last purchase, amount of sales, and other basic information pertaining to the customer.
  • Selecting “Show Orders”. This brings up all the orders that the customer was attached to. It displays the order number, the date, payment total, and the tip amount. If you’ll like even more information for a specific order, you can select “Show Information” or “Show Items” on the right side.


Filters & Options

  • Search Bar: Search up a specific customer.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or date range to view the customers’ orders. There is also an option for “All” which will display all customers along with all their orders.
  • Include tips in totals: Check this box if you want any tips to be included into the payment total as oppose to a separate column.
  • Export Options:
  1. Export – Brings you to the CRM page where you can manage your CRM.
  2. Active Customers – export the active customers with their basic information.
  3. Orders Information – exports the active customers with their orders’ information.


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