Customers' Orders Report

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This report houses all customers' orders. Whenever you attach a customer to an order on the point of sale, you can view all data from the sale in this report.


Customers' Orders Tours

The various components of the Customers' Orders report are:

  • Customer Name: The customer attached to the order will be the first thing displayed in each entry.
  • Number of Orders: The number of orders attached to the customer will be show in parentheses right next to the customer name.
  • Export Option: You can export specific customer's orders to Excel or CSV format.
  • Show Information: Click this to see all details for the customer.
  • Show Orders: Click this to see all orders attached to this customer during your selected time frame:

Customers' Orders Filters

You can filter the Customers' Orders report by:

  • Search Bar: Use this to search for specific keywords.
  • Date Range: Use this drop down to select the date range for which you want to see the orders.
  • Show Invoices: Check this if you want to include invoices in the report.
  • Include Tips in Totals: Check this if you want to include tips in the order totals:

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