Kosmos (ECommerce Platform) Integration With Revel

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About Kosmos

Kosmos eSync automates the transfer of product and order data between Revel POS to shopping carts such as Magento, X-Cart, and Brilliant Retail and to marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.


eSync users save time, increase sales through access to marketplaces, improve customer service, and optimize inventory.  eSync saves money through reduction of labor required to manually track, update and reconcile data between multiple systems.


Key Points

  • eSync replaces manual data entry.
  • eSync is a standard out of the box integration that is easy to set up and use because data is managed from systems the user is already using.  eSync is vastly less expensive compared to paying wages, benefits, and taxes.  eSync is fast, accurate and it never sleeps or takes time off.
  • eSnyc does not store any user data.
  • eSync provides scalability to users as it employs a hub spoke architecture that permits access to other connected ISV partners.


Target Market and Clients




Countries Available 

US, UK, and Australia


Company Contacts

Contact for Potential Sales

Alex Skorohodov



Contact for Marketing Questions

Scott Kang



Contact for Support/Technical Questions

Silas Davis


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