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The kitchen bump feature allows the cook to “bump” items off from one KDS (kitchen display system) to the next KDS in line. This is achieved by the kitchen flow where the order flows through the displays. This is useful for kitchens where multiple cooks are needed to assemble an entrée. Please click here to learn how to set it up.

This requires at least 2 kitchen display iPads.




Step 1:

Ring in the item that is assigned to the kitchen flow. This example, the “Prime Rib Dinner + Sides” item, will go through two KDS screens, from KDS 1 -> KDS 2.



Step 2:

The item will appear onto both KDS screens. However, on the KDS 2, it will be waiting for KDS 1 to complete the order first. In this example, the first chef cooks the prime rib. When the chef completes this portion of the order, the chef will select the “Completed” button on KDS 1.


KDS 1 screen: the first screen of the kitchen flow


KDS 2 screen: waits for KDS 1 to complete


Step 3:

The first chef finishes his/her part of the order and hits “completed” on KDS 1. The order will disappear from KDS 1 as it bumps over to KDS 2 for the completion of the 2nd chef. On KDS 2, it will wait for the item to be completed. In this example, the 2nd chef preps the sides.


KDS 2: Waiting for the 2nd chef to complete his portion



Step 4:

Once the 2nd chef finishes his/her part, the chef will hit “completed” on the KDS 2. This completes the entire order. Now the 2nd chef will notify the server that the item fully complete. If a 3rd screen exists, it can be used as an expedite screen.

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