Preauthorizations/"Link Card to Bar Tabs/Tables" on the iPad POS Platform

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A preauthorization is an amount placed on hold on a credit/debit card until the merchant finalizes the amount . Preauthorizations can be used in the Revel's link card to bar tab/table feature.  

Link card to bar tab/tables feature: This feature allows bartenders/waiters to easily pull up a customer's tab/table by swiping the customer's credit card, as oppose to selecting the tab/table on the screen.  It is possible to link a customer's card to a bar tab with a preauthorization or without a preauthorization.

By using the "link card to bar tabs" or link card to tables" feature the bartender/waiter can have the option of returning the card back to the customer after linking it. Since the credit card information is linked to the order, it is possible for the bartender/waiter to close out the order without the card at anytime. However, by keeping the card the bartender/waiter can easily pull up the customer's order by swiping it. Linking cards to bar tabs/tables with preauthorizations can be used for businesses that want to ensure that a customer's credit card is valid. 

Note: Only USAePay, Intuit(1526+), Mercury, TriPos and Freedom Pay work with preauthorization or linking. Only available for Table Service clients. Quick Service only allows linking cards to orders, it does not support preauthorizations. If Quick Service, please contact Support to help setup.


To learn more how to set this up in the Management Console go to Preauthorizations/Link Card to bar tabs/tables set up in the Management Console.


How to Preauthorized a Card

  1. Open up the bar tab screen (or table layout).
  2. Select the bar tab (or table) then select “Link Card to Order” at the bottom.
  3. Swipe the card.
  4. Depending on settings, it will either automatically preauthorized a set amount or prompt to enter the amount. Once preauthorized, it will indicate it at the top of the screen. If the balance due is below the preauthorized amount, it will indicate it by displaying “PreAuth”.
  5. When customer is ready to pay or settle their order, hit “Pay”. The balance due will be the (Total minus the PreAuth amount). There are two options to finalize the balance due or cancel the PreAuth.
    1. Finalize Payment: Charge the card the full total.
    2. Cancel PreAuth: Cancels the preauth and allows another form of payment.


Open linked bar tab(or table)

Once a card has been linked to a bar tab, if the order is held, the tab can be opened via swiping the card on the bar tab screen.

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