Introduction to EMS

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Introduction to EMS 

          What is EMS?
Accessing your EMS
         Choosing your Establishments
Establishment Groups



Enterprise clients with multiple locations that had a master-child relationship created for their establishments will now have greater flexibility in pushing changes to specific establishments and locking down certain settings to prohibit franchisees from editing any of these changes.

What is EMS?

EMS stands for Enterprise Management System. Older clients that had multiple locations were only able to make changes to the menu via a master-child relationship, and these changes were reflected on all establishments. From there, individual changes had to be made on the child level. 

Enterprise Management System gives clients not only the ability to select which establishment(s) a particular change is to be pushed to, but has also expanded the scope of settings that can be adjusted, including Employees, Products, Settings, Reports, Establishment, and Settings.

EMS is available to clients for an additional $29/month. Please contact your sales representative if you would like to explore this option.


Accessing your EMS

To access your EMS, click on the Brand and Establishment as you normally would to access any establishment. Note that the first option on top of the list will say All Establishments. Click on All Establishments. If you do not see All Establishments, please contact Technical Support to have it enabled. You MUST have purchased Enterprise Licensing for this feature to be enabled.

Choosing Establishments to Effect 

Once All Establishments is selected, the system will prompt you to select which establishments you would like to affect. Choose your Base Establishment, which will serve as the base for any changes that are to be made to any other establishments you select. Alternatively, you can choose an entire Establishment Group to affect to save you from having to go through the list again. Once the establishments have been selected, click the Save button.

Choosing Establishments to Affect

In the screenshot above, Doc Popcorn will serve as the base establishment. If Doc Popcorn has a setting enabled that the other two establishments do not, hitting Save will turn that setting on for the other two establishments.

Once the establishments have been selected, you can choose to edit the target establishments at any time by clicking on the Edit button (pencil), which will take you to the previous screen. 

You are now able to make global edits to Products, Employees, Reports, and Settings.


Establishment Groups

Clients have the opportunity of grouping their establishments into discrete groups to facilitate selecting target groups that they would like to edit. To create an Establishment Group, click on the Establishment tab, followed by Establishment Groups on the left-hand side menu. New Group will automatically be selected.

Creating a New Group

In the field that says New Establishment Group Name, enter the desired name of the group. Some conventions that are widely used are regions, industry sectors, names of managers of multiple locations, and franchise names. Once the field is filled out, click Create.

The newly created group will now give you the option of selecting which establishments to include in the group. Check the boxes for all applicable establishments, and then hit the Save button.

If you want to create an identical copy of the group, click the copy button. It will carry over all associated establishments to the new group.

It is possible to check which establishments fall under which group at any time by going back into Establishment Groups. Alternatively, clients can click on Establishments > Establishments to view which establishment groups each establishment falls under. You can also group establishments through this field as well.


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