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Enterprise Management System (EMS) allows you to have greater flexibility in pushing changes to specific establishments and locking certain settings to prohibit franchisees and other end users from editing key elements of your management console.

EMS gives clients not only the ability to select which establishment(s) a particular change is to be pushed to, but has also expanded the scope of settings that can be adjusted, including Reports, Products, Inventory, Employees, Establishment, and Settings.

EMS is available to clients for an additional $29/month per establishment. Please contact your sales representative if you would like to explore this option.


Accessing EMS

Use the steps below to access your EMS.

    1. On the Management Console [], find the Establishment(s) option at the top left which displays the name of the currently selected establishment. To select another establishment or to access all establishments at once, click on the current name:
    2. You'll see a window open on the left of the screen; the first option indicated with a folder folder.jpgicon is for All Establishments. You'll also see each individual establishment listed here as well with a building establishment.jpg icon. If you want to make changes at the Global Level to affect all establishments, choose All Establishments
      NOTE: Remember, EMS is a paid subscription and you must have purchased in order for the All Establishments option to appear. If you have NOT yet purchased, please contact your sales rep. If you have purchased and the feature still doesn't appear, please contact Revel Support to have it activated. 
    3. When All Establishments is selected, you'll have a designated Base establishment, which is where you'll make your initial changes and push to all other locations. Your base establishment is set by default to be the first establishment, indicated with a 1 beside the name. If you want to change your base establishment, right click on the desired new base establishment and choose the Set as Base option. Be sure to press save at the top right of the screen.  

Creating Groups

If you want changes to only affect certain establishments but not ALL, you can create custom groups. Groups are helpful in situations where you may have locations across state lines and you need your tax rates to vary for one state to the next. You can create a group for each state and choose which locations to effect. To create Groups:

  1. Right click with your mouse on the Group Folder at the bottom of the list of establishments. An option will display for Add New Group; select this option: 
  2. You'll be prompted to Name the new group: 
  3. After you've input a name and press enter, your new group is saved and you'll see there are zero (0) locations associated with that group: 
  4. To add establishments to the new group, simply Drag and Drop the desire locations in the new group folder; as you do so, the number in parenthesis will continue to increase. 
  5. To see all included establishments within a group, click the + sign to expand and you'll see all associated establishments: 

  6. You can now use groups similarly to using the All Establishments option; when you select a group and make/push changes, it will ONLY effect the establishments within that group. 

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