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Reservations are currently modeled after salons and similar locations whose offerings revolve around providing services. Reservations through Revel are used to create services, associate employees (aka Service Providers in Reservations) with the particular services, assign commissions to employees and their services, and schedule appointments with customers for particular services. Table Service-based Reservations will be available in future Revel builds.


Management Console Setup

Please contact your Sales rep in purchasing this feature. Once enabled, follow the steps below.

In order to see any products for services in the Reservations tab, the products need to be marked as a service. To do this log into the Management Console.

       1. Select Products

       2. Select a product by the Product Tree or the the Search Tab

       3. Edit the product by clicking the pencil in the blue box to the right



       4. Click Advanced Product Details

       5. Scroll down to Advanced Product Details/Service Options

       6. Enable the "Is Service" Setting

       7. Below this setting it is possible to set the service duration. (Appointments made for this service will block out this amount of time for the service duration. This length of time will then become that service’s default service duration.)

       8. Click Save



Now go to Reservations tab in the Management Console.



Here, products that have been marked as a Service will appear under their respective Category, which will be displayed under the Service column. It is possible to Add Service in this screen as well (at the bottom), which will automatically add that Service as a product in the Products tab under the Category that was selected or created.


To add a Service under the Reservations tab, click on Add Service. The Create New Service window will appear.





Create New Service Window


Fill out the fields and hit Save.


It is also possible to select a Service Provider that is to be associated with that particular service. Click   “+ Service Provider” under each service will populate the following window:




All employees set in the Employees tab will automatically populate in the drop-down list as Service Providers. Select the Employee / Service Provider that is to be enabled for the selected Service.


Once the Services and Service Providers have been created and assigned to each other, further edits can be made by clicking on the checkbox to the right of the Service product.

Note: Price and commission amounts can be adjusted differently for each employee.




Here, adjust commissions based on Service Provider, or overall by Service. Once the edits have been made, click Save on the upper right-hand part of the screen.



iPad POS Platform


Reservations are handled on then iPad POS Platform by tapping on the calendar button on the upper righthand side of the order screen.




The Reservations interface will be used to handle schedules and appointments.


To create a new appointment, tap on the New Appointment button.




A prompt will appear to select a Service. Note that although Service Duration times are displayed immediately beneath the Service, it is possible to lengthen or reduce that time on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.




Once selected, tap OK. The screen will then revert to the weekly view of the calendar. Light-blue time slots designate available time slots, and grayed-out areas signify that the time slot is already occupied. To view availability across Service Providers, tap on the desired Service provider on the bottom of the screen. Tap on any available blue slot in the column and time that correlates to the desired date and time.




Then, select a Customer. If the customer does not currently exist in the system, create a new customer by tapping on New Customer tab in the bottom righthand side of the screen. Once the customer is selected, tap on Create Appointment to confirm date and time.



Any changes that need to be made to the time can be made in this screen. To change the date, hit Cancel and start again by tapping on New Appointment and tapping on any available blue time slot that corresponds to the desired date. Once confirmed, tap on Create.




The appointment will now appear on the weekly schedule for the corresponding Service Provider. Appointment details may be viewed by tapping on the appointment.




On the Appointment Details screen, the appointment can be confirmed, canceled, or edited. When the Service is complete, the Go to Tab will add the Service to the order in order for the customer to complete payment for the service.



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