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Products on the EMS

Locking Products and Settings
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EMS-Level Products

For our multi-unit locations, the traditional master/child locking system has been replaced with a new read/write lock system for those objects that can be managed through the new user interface. Fields values are no longer tied to each other. That is to say, if you change the price of a product in the master establishment, the prices in all establishments will no longer automatically update the children establishments. These changes should be done at the EMS level.

Before selecting Products and Settings to lock, make sure to familiarize yourself with the articles on establishment-level Products, which details how to create and edit Products, and Introduction to EMS, which includes how to select which establishments to push changes to.

Locking Products and Settings 

To “lock” a Product or a Setting means that no individual establishment will be able to make any edits or changes to that Product or Setting. For an edit to be made to a Product or Setting at any level, only the user with All Establishment access will be able to enter the EMS interface and make the necessary edits there.

Note that locks exist at various levels (listed below from smallest to greatest):

  • Individual Settings - That setting cannot be overwritten.
  • Add Product - You can choose to prevent creation of new products with a particular subcategory or across all subcategories by clicking on the lock until it is marked All.
  • Individual Products - No details about the product can be changed.
  • Add Subcategory - You can choose to prevent creation of new subcategories with in a particular category or across all categories by clicking on the lock until it is marked All.
  • Subcategories - The Subcategory and all its products cannot be edited.
  • Add Category - Clicking the lock on Add Category prevents creation of new categories at the establishment.
  • Category The Category and all items that fall under that Category cannot be edited.

Additionally, when locking and unlocking fields, the lock will change shape and color according to the following guidelines: 

- This setting is/has been unlocked (default).

- This setting has already been locked.

- This setting is being unlocked across all selected establishments. Establishments will be able to make edits to this setting on their own.

- This setting is being unlocked for all equivalent settings across all selected establishments (limited to Add Subcategory and Add Product).

- This setting is being locked across all selected establishments. Establishments will not be able to make edits to this setting on their own.

- This setting is being locked for all equivalent settings across all selected establishments (limited to Add Subcategory and Add Product).

Sample Menu

In the above example: 

  • The entire Subcategory Whole is going to be unlocked. Establishments will be able to make edits to Banana, Lemon, and Red Velvet.
  • + Add Category has already been locked on a previous occasion. Establishments won’t be able to add new categories.
  • + Add Product is going to be locked. Establishments won’t be able to add any new products in any subcategory.

Note that EMS Product Management is currently only available to handle Categories, Subcategories, Products, Product Details and Product Modifiers. Managing modifiers, recipes, discounts, inventory settings and other pages will be available in future releases.

Product Details

You are also able to lock/unlock specific settings for a particular product under Product Details. As with other parts of the EMS system, any value you edit will turn blue, indicating that it will be pushed to selected establishments when you click the Confirm button. If you change your mind about pushing a change, click the blue back arrow. 

For more information on Product Details, click here.

Push ALL Details

When selecting a product on the menu, a "Push ALL Details" button appears on the right for the specific product. Selecting this button will select every product detail to be pushed to all establishment. For example if the kitchen print name for products differ for each establishment, pushing all details will push the base product kitchen print name to all establishment. Kitchen print name is only one of many other product detail settings.

This also pushes ALL ingredients associated with the product to the child establishments. If the ingredient does not exist, it will be automatically created for the child establishment. The ingredients need to be created in the base establishment before able to push to child establishments. To learn more about ingredients, click here. For more information on EMS Ingredients, click here.

To go back, select the back blue arrow.


Product Copy 

To copy a product from one establishment to a group of other establishments, select the establishment that has the product as your base and click one of the product fields in the tree. Click save and the entire product shall be updated to all targeted establishments. If you only wish to change name, price, cost or sort order, please click the product’s details and make the change there.

Linking Objects 

Menu management via the EMS works by identifying that the Product on one establishment is the same thing as the Product on another establishment and linking them. Revel establishes these links using the following criteria:

  • If your menu was Master/Child, it uses the master/child connections to form the links
  • The system looks for matching barcodes
  • The system looks for matching SKUs

For cases where the linking doesn’t work or you want to manually link products we have a link management tool. Click the little chain icon next to a product. 

On the left, you will find existing linked products across your establishments. On the right, the system suggests products that may be the same (by looking for identical SKUs or barcodes). You can break a link on the left by clicking the chain, or create a link by clicking the broken chain on the right.

Linking Objects

Note that linking objects only results in allowing principal users to make global edits to those particular objects. If the barcode and SKU matches, they will be recorded under the same product for Reports across all establishments.

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