Creating Upsell Combos

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Upsell Combos allow you to give customers the option to purchase a meal, or product add-ons, as part of their order. Upsell combos are predefined sets of products that can be offered with a base product. For instance, a customer buys a sandwich and then makes it a meal by adding a side and a drink. The price of the upsell combo is added to the price of the base product to reach the final price charged to the customer. Each product set in the upsell combo includes a default product as well as additional products which may be substituted for the default. For instance, the default could be a small soda, but the customer could elect to have a medium or large soda instead. If the substitution product is more expensive than the default product, the substitution product's combo upsell will be added to the final price. Revel reports the savings involved in upsell combos as discounts against the base product.

NOTE: Revel reports the upsell combo savings against the cost of the base product. The base product price must be high enough to cover the savings introduced by the upsell combo. Otherwise, the point of sale will not calculate the full savings.


Creating Upsell Combos

To create an upsell combo:

  1. In your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to the Products tab and click Upsell Combos from the left side.
  2. In the Upsell Combos page, click + Upsell Combo in the top right corner:

  3. In the Upsell Combo details, fill out the Name field. Then, fill out the Price field. The price is the amount added to the base product for the default items which you'll set up next. The price should NOT include the price for the base product.
  4. Make sure the Active box is checked.

  5. Next, enter the name of the first group of the combo in the Group 1 Defaults field.
  6. Then, add the 1st default in the Group 1 Defaults, for example.
  7. Enter a Quantity for the group. This is the quantity of the product included in the combo.
  8. To add another group to the combo, click + Add Group and enter a name, default, and quantity.

  9. Under the Upsell Details/ Combo Products Sorting/ Group 1: section, click the grey + Add Product text. Enter all size options for this group, including the default. Do the same for any additional groups.
  10. After you have added all options as products to the combo, click Save:


Assigning Prices to Upsell Products

Once you have created your upsell combo and added products to it, the next step is to assign upsell prices to all products that are not listed as defaults. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the main Products tab. Click the icon for the first non-default product:

  2. Scroll down to the Upsell Combo section and in the Product upsell Amount enter how much it costs to upgrade to this item from the default item. For example, if it costs $.50 more to get medium chips instead of small chips, enter .50 here:
  3. Then, click Save in the top right corner:

  4. Repeat this process for all remaining items EXCEPT the defaults.

Assigning a Base Product to the Combo

The last step of setting up your Upsell Combo is to attach the combo to a base product. For example, if your upsell combo contains a side and a drink, you need to attach the side and drink to a base product like an entree. To do this:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Products tab. Locate the base product for the combo and click the icon to the far right of the product:

  2. In the product details, scroll to the Combo Options section and select the name of your combo from the Linked Upsell Combo drop-down:
  3. When you’re done, click Save:


Now this item can be sold on its own or with a combo that can be customized by size. Remember that if you’d like to offer this combo with other base products, you’ll need to repeat this step and associate the combo for each of those base products.

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