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Motorola/Zebra Symbol Bluetooth Scanner Setup


Motorola CS3070 Barcode Scanner Setup

The Motorola CS3070 barcode scanner is a handheld Bluetooth device that pairs up with the iPhone or iPad. It allows for easy scanning on the go, especially useful to taking inventory or just scanning items up front.
How to Pair to iPad/iPhone

  1. Set CS3070 Factory Defaults and Bluetooth HID by scanning the codes below. 

  1. On the iPad, go to Settings.
  2. Select "Bluetooth" and turn it on.
  3. Choose "CS3070" from available device list below.
  4. A window will prompt asking for a pin to be enter, scan the code using sheet below. A downloadable version of this is available below. 
  1. Scanner should issue a short low beep then a short high beep indicating it has paired successfully.

Management Console Setup
Once paired, contact Support to ensure that proper setup in the Management Console. Also, since the scanner is considered a keyboard, the iPad keyboard will not raise within the Revel application. To raise keyboard while paired, please turn on the follow setting in the Management Console.

  1. Log into Management Console
  2. Select Settings -> Advanced POS Settings
  3. Check on "raise keyboard for barcode scanner" 


*Note: iOS8+, need to select "-" on the scanner to raise the keyboard. The setting above will still need to be enabled however.

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