Credit Card Transactions Missing/Not Captured Troubleshooting

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Credit Card Transactions Not Captured Troubleshooting Overview
If credit card transactions appear to be missing in a bank account or deposits are coming up short, it is very probable that the credit card transactions are not captured on the POS.

Please check the following to ensure all credit card transactions are processed and captured on the iPad POS before contacting the Gateway or Merchant Service Provider (MSP). If contacting Gateway or MSP is required, the phone numbers are provided at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Check the Batch Process Screen
For Table Service and QSR clients (if processing tips), all the credit card transactions end up in the batch process. When the credit card is swiped, it will be authorized for the swiped amount and placed into the batch process. While in the batch process, these transactions can be adjusted for tip amount before capturing which finalizes the transaction.
If NOT captured, the transactions will sit in batch process screen until captured. This means the transactions sit as an authorization, and are not being processed. If a transaction sits in batch process for more than 24 hours, a warning appears upon login:

Capturing your batch process should be done daily as an end of night procedure.

  1. Log into main iPad POS Platform as manager
  2. From the order screen, select Settings gear icon in upper left corner
  3. Select Manager from the drop down menu
  4. Select Batch Process
  5. Adjust tip as needed
  6. Hit Capture as the top to capture all transactions
    1. To capture individual transactions, hit the big blue "Capture" in each transaction box:


Step 2: Check for any Offline Payments
If the Internet goes down, the iPad POS is still able to swipe credit cards and process them once Internet connection is reestablished. Any credit cards swiped while offline will be placed into the Offline Payments screen. Normally once Internet is reestablished, any offline payments should be processed automatically then placed into the batch process. To enable offline payments and to adjust offline payments settings: Login to the Management Console–>Advance Settings-->Payments–>Offline Payments

There are multiple warnings indicating when the iPad has any offline transactions or is taking any offline transactions.

Indicates 3 payments has not been sent to payment processor

To check or force push the offline orders, follow the directions below

  1. Within the Manager Setting screen (on the iPad) select Offline Payments
  2. Select Force at the top right
  3. If transactions remain, it means Internet connection has not been established yet.
  4. If transactions disappear, they've moved into the Batch Process screen where they can adjust and capture.

Step 3: Declined Payments
This only applies if there were offline payments taken that were processed. If a credit card is declined while online, it will not appear in here. However, if a credit card swiped in offline mode, then is later declined when Internet is reestablished, they will end up in the Declined Payments screen.

Follow the instructions below to check for any declined payments

  1. Within the Manager Settings page, select Declined Payments
  2. Select Retry or Retry All to try to process the payment again
    1. To get rid of the transaction, swipe (over the transaction) to the left and select Delete.

If the payment cannot be processed, please contact your MSP for more information. The numbers are provided at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Check for All "Accepted" transactions and/or Contact MSP
After all these steps have been exhausted, all three Batch Process, Offline Payments, and Declined Payments are empty and CC transactions still appear to be missing, there are two options left.
How to Check for "Accepted" CC Transactions:
In rare cases, if the application is deleted before the batch process is processed, all the uncaptured CC transactions will remain in authorization stage but will be gone from the batch process screen. This means it is no longer possible to capture and finalize the amount on the iPad POS.
To check for these transactions, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into Revel Management Console
  2. Select Reports -> Payment Summary
  3. Scroll down to "Payment Details" and click "Transaction Status" to organize list

If there are transactions here listed as "Accepted", it means the amount was authorized with the payment processor BUT not captured and finalized. This means the money will not be collected. If the transactions listed as "Accepted" do not appear in the Batch Process screen, please contact the MSP for manual processing.*
*NOTE: If the authorization has expired (time may vary from 3-30days), it will not be possible for MSP to finalize the transaction.

Step B: Call MSP to Check for any Uncaptured Transactions
Very rarely would a transaction not be reported in the Revel Management Console and the batch process screen, however it may be possible. The very last and final thing to do is to contact the MSP and ask if there are any transactions sitting in the authorization stage.

Gateway/MSP Support Numbers:
PayPal Support: 1-888-221-1161
USAePay: 1-866-872-3729
Mercury: 1-800-846-4472

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