Hourly Sales Report

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The Hourly Sales Report shows your sales volume throughout the day.


Hourly Sales Tour

The different components of the Hourly Sales Report are:

  1. Filters button: Click this to choose Day of the Week, POS Stations, Online Orders, Product Class, and Inclusions:

  2. icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

  3. Hourly View: Use this drop-down to choose whether you want to view your sales by the hour, by every 15 minutes, or by a grouped view, which must be set up under Settings>Reports:

  4. Time slots: The time slots appear in the column to the far left. You can choose to view by the hour, by every 15 minutes, or by a grouped view that needs to be set up under Settings>Reports.
  5. # Transactions: This column will display to total number of transactions made during that time slot.
  6. # Items: This column will display the total number of items sold during that time slot.
  7. Avg. Sales/ Check: This column displays the average of all sales made during that time slot.
  8. Sales: This column displays the total sales made during that time slot.
  9. % Sales: This column displays the percent of sales made during that time slot:

Warning Messages

Occasionally, you will see the following warning message appear at the top of your Hourly Sales Report:

Orders in this reporting period may be duplicated in other reporting periods:

This message occurs because there are orders that have either been left open for an extended period of time that falls outside the reporting period, or which have been opened and reopened outside the reporting period, perhaps to perform a return or exchange.

Sales, payments, returns, and refunds shall be reported on the date the event occurs.

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