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Hourly Sales Report

Additional Settings


Sample Hourly Sales Report

This report shows you, essentially, how busy you are throughout the day. Each column to the right will provide a breakdown of the number of transactions, items, etc. that were processed in the corresponding hour. This will provide you with the information necessary to make any staff-related decisions.

The number of transactions, for example, may not necessarily reflect how busy the kitchen gets during rush hour (since it is possible to have few transactions, but a high number of items sold), and vice-versa. If fewer items are being sold but there are a large number of transactions being processed, more employees will be needed to staff the POS Stations.

Additional Settings 

Hourly View – Adjusts the report to reflect different time periods, including:

  • Hourly View – By the hour
  • 15 mins View – In 15 minute increments
  • Grouped View – By group (these are configured under Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Reports)

Parent Product Classes – Adjusts the report to reflect sales only of items that fall under a particular Parent Product Class or Product Class. (Parent) Product Classes can be created under Products > Product Classes.

POS Station – Adjusts the report to reflect sales processed only on a specific POS terminal. Additionally, you can choose a Revenue Center, which will consist of the POSs you would like to include. Revenue Centers can be configured under Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Revenue Centers.

Employees – Adjusts the report to reflect sales processed only by a specific employee.

Today – Adjusts the report to reflect sales processed during a particular time period.

Below the aforementioned pull-down options lies another row of additional boxes that you can check to reflect particular numbers in the report:

Open – Includes all open orders
Unpaid – Includes all orders whose payments do not fully account for net sales
Irregular – Includes all orders that also exist in a different time period than the one selected
Taxes – Includes tax collected in the amount of Sales
Discounts – Includes discounts given in the amount of Sales
Service Fees – Includes Service Fees attached to the amount of Sales

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