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Discounts: Applying Discounts to Orders



There are two options to apply a discount; either on the entire order or  an individual item. For example, 50% off the entire order vs 50% off a burger.

When applying a discount, a list of discounts will appear to select on the iPad. There is also an option to create a manual discount on the spot. To learn how to create a discount, click here.


Apply Discount to Order

  1. Ring in the order



2. Select “Discount  Order”


3. Select one discount from the list, or create a manual discount.

 a. If “Manual” is chosen, input the name, amount, type, and whether tax is applied         pre-discount or post discount.

4. To apply a discount to a specific item, ring up the item first then select the item from the left side. Then select “Discount Item."


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