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Every business has employees that fill several different roles. They can range from part-time to full-time, hourly versus salaried, front of house versus back of house, etc. To accommodate the variety in personnel, Revel is able to discern between the various roles and assign specific wages to individual employees.


Adding an Employee

To add a brand new employee:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Employees tab. Click + Add and then choose Add Employee from the drop-down:

  2. Fill out the information for the new employee. The following fields are required:
    • First Name: the employee's first name.
    • Last Name: the employee's last name.
    • Employee Start: the first day the employee can have access to the system.
    • Initial Role: the role the employee will be assigned.
    • PIN: the unique 4-10 digit PIN the employee will use to login to the POS.
  3. Some fields that aren't required, but are very helpful are:
    • Email Address: this must be filled out with a working email if you want to send your schedules to your employees via email.
    • Starting Wage: Enter in the employee's hourly wage if you are using Revel's Payroll functionality.
  4. Once all fields have been filled out, click Save & New to add another employee or Save & Close to exit from the screen:

Editing Employee Info and Deactivating Employees

If you need to edit information for an existing employee:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Employees tab and click the pencil icon in line with the employee's name.
  2. Make any necessary changes and then click the Save button:

If you need to remove an employee from your system, you can deactivate the employee, rendering them unable to access the system. But, please note, you cannot delete an employee completely. This is to help keep your historical records as accurate as possible. To deactivate a current employee:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Employees tab.
  2. Once there, stay in the Employees page. Locate the employee who needs to be deactivated and click the details icon in line with their name:

  3. Next, locate the Active field and uncheck the box. A window will appear warning you that deactivating an employee will remove them from all establishments. If this is fine, click Deactivate. If you want to remove the employee from the present establishment only, click Detach:

  4. Click Save when done.

Roles & Wages

To set or change a role or hourly wage for an employee:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Employees tab and click the pencil icon in line with the employee's name.
  2. From the right side, scroll down to the Roles & Wages section.
  3. To edit an existing role or wage, click the role drop-down box and choose the correct role or enter a new wage into the wage field.
  4. To add a new role, click + Add Role. Click the Choose Role drop-down box and select the correct role. If applicable, fill out the hourly wage in the wage field.
  5. Click Save to save all changes.

Linking Employees to Other Establishments 

Employee profiles can be linked to multiple establishments. The benefits of linking an employee:

  • Employees keep the same Point of Sale PIN across all establishments
  • You don't have to create a new employee per each establishment
  • Employees can have different roles and wages set per establishment

To link an employee to an additional establishment: 

  1. Navigate to the establishment that you want to link the existing employee to.
  2. Select the Employees tab then select Add>Add Employee.
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name, Role, and the existing employee PIN setup at the other establishment then press Save:1-_new.jpg
  4. A pop-up window will be displayed with the existing employee's details:2-new.jpg
  5. Select the circle to the left of the employee's name and select OK.
  6. You will then be redirected to the employee's details for the newly linked establishment.
  7. Assign the Initial Role that will be used for the employee at the newly linked establishment and Save (You MUST assign the Initial role and save or your will have to start this process all over again):3-new.jpg
  8. Once saved, you will now see this employee on the list of employees at the newly linked establishment.


**Important Info about linked employees:
Please note, if an employee is linked to multiple establishments they will only be able to be clocked in to one establishment at a time.
     Ex: They will have to clock out of Establishment A in order to clock into Establishment B.
If users want their employee to be clocked into more than one establishment at the same time, then they will need to create a new, unlinked employee with a separate Point of Sale PIN per establishment.

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