Rearrange Revel iPad Action POS buttons

By Robert



At the order screen, there are about a dozen different actions at the lower left of the screen. These actions range from the discount order button, print guest check, open cash drawer, and many more. Depending on certain settings on, there can be additional buttons in the list as well pertaining to a specific feature like fast credit, link card to bar tab, and others.

Revel now offers ability to re-arrange or even remove certain buttons. For example, if a specific button has no use for the establishment, or want to remove it for other reasons, it can be removed. If a specific set of buttons is used more often than normal, they can be placed as the default 4 buttons on the screen.

It is also possible to have different arrangements per station meaning the bar iPad could have a different arrangement than the restaurant iPad.

Please contact Revel Support team to rearrange the buttons.


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