Running Dual Cash Drawers Setup

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Hardware Setup

Frontend Setup

Revel supports dual cash drawers for one printer. This allows for two separate tills to be running at the same time as well allow ability to assign each till for specific employees.

Hardware Requirement for APG Cash Drawers
In order for two cash drawers, there are special equipment that must be purchased in additional to just the two cash drawers. A splitter for the cash drawer cables is first required. Then depending on the type of brand of printer, it requires specific cash drawer cables.

If using the ECH cash drawers, please refer to the ECH dual cash drawer hardware guide here.

CD-D1D2EP splitter
Epson Printer – CD-005A (or CD-101A) + CD-005B
Star Printer – CD-014A(or CD-101A) + CD014B
The "B" cables are for the 2nd cash drawer. The "A" cables come standard and are for the first cable.
Note: Cannot use 2 "A" (or B) cables with a splitter. This may cause damage to the cash drawer or printer.

Hardware Setup

  1. Plug the RJ12(small end) into the back of printer
  2. Plug RJ12 ends of CD-005A & CD-005B into the splitter. CD-005B will considered Cash Drawer #2.
  3. Plug RJ45 ends of CD-005A & CD-005B into appropriate cash drawer.

Frontend Setup

  1. Log into iPad POS as an owner or manager.
  2. From the Dashboard, choose Settings (gear icon). 


  3. Select Cash Drawers and Tills and make sure "Enable two cash drawers" is turned ON. 


  4. Once this has been enabled, on the Dashboard, choose Tills > New Till to update the starting balance for each drawer. 

  5. Enter either the sum total of the drawer or the quantities of each denomination and the system will calculate the total for you. 

    Now, when that employee logs in, only the assigned cash drawer will open for the assigned employee. Also, the tills screen will be specific for their assigned cash drawer. The tills screen will always identify which cash drawer it is by the bottom left. For more information on the Tills function, click here.




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