Delivery Management 2.0

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Enter the Delivery Management Screen

1. Assigning Orders to Drivers (Manager)

2. Check Out/In for Delivery

Order Queue Screen

Delivery Management Order/Driver History

Delivery Driver's Till (aka Virtual Till)


The new delivery management(1525) focuses on assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers and letting them check out easily (and obtain orders and maps), tracking orders through the process, and offering a Check In function for drivers.
Note, in order to display address, a customer with an address attached must be added to the order. Also the dining option must be set to "delivery".

For delivery settings, click here.

For a full guide, please download the PDF above

Enter the Delivery Management Screen
To enter the Delivery Management Screen, follow the instructions below. Both managers and employees will have access to delivery management.

  1. Log into Revel iPad application
  2. Select "Orders" at the top (on the table layout screen for Table Service)
  3. Select "Delivery Management"

1. Assigning Orders to Drivers (Managers)
All these steps are available for drivers and employees. However, drivers can only assign orders to themselves and view their own orders. Managers can view all delivery orders, as well as assign drivers to any available employee.
In order for orders to show in the Delivery Management, delivery orders must first be created in the order screen. Make sure to change the "Dining Option" to delivery.

  1. Open Delivery Management
  2. Select the orders on the right, it shall highlight blue 
  3. Select "Assign Selected Orders"
  4. Select a driver from either the unassigned or assigned list. Assigned list has drivers that are currently assigned a delivery order 
  5. Once driver has been assigned, either manager or the driver himself will "Check Out"

2. Check Out/In for Delivery
After the driver has been assigned their orders, the driver can log in using their own PIN to "check out" for delivery. The manager has the ability to do this as well for the driver.

  1. Select Drivers in the Delivery Management screen
  2. Select "Check Out". Select the order below will display the route and directions on the right. 
  3. Select if driver wants to email order info with directions to himself
  4. An itemized receipt with the directions will print for the destination and return once fully checked in
    1. Selecting the "Magnifier Glass" button after highlighting the order will expand the view. 

Once a driver has checked out, an expected return and time out will appear on the screen.
When the driver returns, the driver can log back into the Delivery Management to "check in" at the same screen. Here, the driver or manager can close out the order. An "Enter Total Mileage of Delivery" will appear in. If different from one the provided based on address, driver can input it in.

Order Queue Screen
This screen will display all the delivery orders that either have not been assigned or en-route.

Delivery Management Order/Driver History

Within the Delivery Management, drivers or managers can easily view all their orders.

The Order History screen displays all the delivery orders that were taken for the day.

Order History Screen

The Driver History screen will display all the orders for specific drivers for the day. The manager will display all the drivers. If the driver logs in, he can only see his own orders here.

Driver History Screen


Virtual Till

Employees who keep cash on themselves, for example a delivery driver, may close orders without placing money in the till. A virtual till is tied to an employee and tracks all the employee's activity. Employees with the Delivery role are able to set the starting till amount, set pay-ins/payouts, complete bank drops, and preform cash drops into a physical till.

Setting the Till Amount
1. Log in to the POS as a driver.
2. Tap the Driver History button, the Driver Histroy view is displayedon the screen.
3. Tap the Till Mgmt button, the Till Management pop-up opens.
4. Tap inside the Dollar field.
5. Enter the amount of the cash in the Dollars field.
6. Tap the Set Till button.

NOTE: A cash drop is money taken out of a virtual till and placed into a physical till. The cash drop reports as a payout on the virtual till and a pay-in on the physical till.
1. Log in to the POS as a driver.
2. Tap the Driver History button, the Driver Histroy view is displayed on the screen.
3. Tap the Till Mgmt button, the Till Management pop-up opens.
4. Enter the amount of the cash drop in the Dollars field.
5. Tap the Done button.

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