QuickBooks Online Setup Wizard

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To setup the integration between Revel and QuickBooks Online (QBO) using the Wizard, first login to your Revel Management Console. Once logged in, the system will ask if you want to integrate with QBO. Click Yes > Next.

 If you are using Intuit Payment, please click Yes > Next. If you are not using Intuit payments, click No > Next.

Select if you manufacture goods or have a Web Store connected to QBO and click Next. If you do have a Web Store connected to QBO, please contact Intuit for further assistance.

Click on Connect to QuickBooks.


A pop up screen will appear and prompt you to login to QBO. Enter your QBO credentials and click Sign in.



Select Authorize.

Click Next.

Select if you would like to transfer Employee Time to QuickBooks or not and click Next.


Select if your employees are setup in QBO or not and click Next.

Next, you will be prompted to create a POS Sales Tax in QBO.

Please follow this guide to create the tax in QBO:


Once the POS Sales Tax is created in QBO, return to Revel and select Retry.


Click Turn on Discounts.


Click Turn on Location.

Please read the screen carefully below. Once read and understood, please tick I understand my Point of Sale will use your Accountant or Tax Preparer about this potential change and click Next.


Select Next.


The screen below should then appear confirming that all aspects of the integration have been completed and mapped. Select Next.

A table (like the one below) will then appear explaining which features should be managed in QBO and which should be managed in Revel. Please review this carefully to understand and then click Next. 

Click Next.


Click Finish.

Next, the screen below will appear and prompt clients to contact onboarding to complete the process.



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