Kitchen Print Options

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If you would like to have your item send to the kitchen printer after tapping hold, you will need to enable this feature in settings. If you are table service establishment, you may want to have this enabled. Click here to see how to attach an item to the kitchen printer.

To learn more about kitchen display screen, click here.

You can enable three different settings on for sending items to the kitchen printer.

    1. Send to kitchen on hold: Enabling this setting means that pressing hold will send items to the kitchen printer and kds. If not enabled, the items will send to the kitchen upon Send or pay:


    2. Send to kitchen on demand: If checked, the POS will only send to KDS/KITCHEN printers when requested. It will not send on pay, hold, send, or done. Tap the order and select which items should be sent:



    3. Send to kitchen on Done: If enabled, items will only be sent to the kitchen printers and kds when the done button is pressed and the order is closed:


On the Management Console, navigate to Settings tab. Select the checkbox for the desired setting. Then click Save.

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