Basic Printer Troubleshooting

By Aldwyn


Is the printer plugged into the power outlet?

Check if the power lights are lit up on the front of the printer.

Check the printer Ethernet port LED status light.

  • Green: lights up when the local network port is connected
  • Amber: lights up and flashes to indicate network activity over that port

Note: There may be no light for ethernet port, some printers only light up when activity printing to it.

Does the printer have paper?

  • Make sure that the paper is properly positioned; there is an image inside the printer on how to position it.

Is the iPad connected to Revel network?

  • In some cases with TP Link or Rosewill router and Ubiquity Access Points, the SSID might be rev + customer name. For example: revsupportx.

What is the printer IP address that is printed from the printer?

For IP address from the printer, follow these steps:

  • For POS printers (Epson T88, T70, Star printers), turn it off and hold the feed button. While holding the feed button turn it back on until it starts printing.
  • For Kitchen printers (Epson U220), make sure the printer is on, hold the reset button from the back of the printer (small pin) and once it starts printing let go of the reset button right away.

Can the device be pinged?

  Open safari and type in the IP address of the printer

  • If not, check if the Printer is physically connected to the Revel router or a switch.
  • If the printer cannot be pinged and is going through a switch, try plugging the printer directly to the router instead. Now try to ping it. (Also applies to other peripherals).

Check if the printer is set to redirect.

  • If “Redirect” appears as an option, it means that the iPad is NOT redirected to another printer.
  • If “Cancel Redirect” appears as an option, it means that the iPad is redirected to another printer.

If the problem cannot be resolved with the above steps, please contact Revel Support. (Please have the printer IP Address ready.)


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