Reservations: How to create a time block?

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Reservations: Setting up time blocks

In this example Revel will be creating two time blocks for all weekdays to reflect a business that DOES NOT accept reservations anytime before 9am and that DOES NOT accept any reservations after 6pm.

- Press the image that looks like a calendar with a check mark on it. This image is located at the top righthand corner of the iPad POS Platform.

- Press the "+ Time Block" button at the top right

- The calendar will now be highlighted blue.

- It is required to select the Service Provider's name at the bottom of the screen.

- Choose a specific start date by pressing on any cell in the column of the date that the desired Time Block is to start.

-A prompt for a new Time Block pops up. Enter the following information:

Label: In the example photo below the Time Block is labeled as "Closed: A.M." 

Date: This is the date that initially was pressed and the date the Time Block will start

All Day: This refers to a 24hr period. Uncheck the box in order to not block the entire day

Repeats: By pressing on the pencil image, it is possible select any days of the week that the client would like this Time Block to repeat. It's also possible to select the end date of when the repeated Time Block occurs. If an end date is not chosen, it will apply the Time Block to all future dates.


Start Time and End Time: Create another time block and enter 6:00pm - 12:00am, then press Create:

The Time Block will now be applied to that specific Service Provider's night's.

**Create one more Time Block from 6pm-11:59pm.

Make sure that to log out of the POS station and press Refresh so that the Time Blocks are sent to the server.

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