Troubleshooting: “Product is out of stock” Error When Ordering

By Libby | Updated



"Product is out of stock” message can be displayed on the iPad when trying to add a product on the order when the inventory is "0", even if the business is selling services and not products:

If the warning is disregarded, the item that is out of stock will show in pink on the order screen:

Note: Previously, a manager would need to override the out of stock warning. No manager approval is needed now, and the employee can sell the out of stock item as needed.


This warning will appear on the iPad POS when an order contains an item that is showing as out of stock. This can be for any business using orders, including companies who provide a service instead of a physical item for sale.


This is caused by a setting to sync inventory numbers. Revel Support must disable this feature, please open a ticket with our Support team to remove this notification.


Once the inventory synchronization is turned off items can be added to the order even if they are not in stock.

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