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How to Enable Commissions

Assign Products' Commission Amount

Allocate Commissions on iPad



In Revel, products can be assigned a commission amount that is to be paid to the employee who sold the product. Each time an employee rings and sells a commissioned product, it will reflect on the commissions report found here under the employee’s name. Commissions can also be split or transferred amongst employees on the iPad when the product is rung up.

This is primary used for retail establishments.

Note: To learn how to set up commissions for service commissions (such as Saloons), click here.


How to Enable Commissions

By default, commissions are not enabled. To enable commissions, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Revel Management Console
  2. Select the “Settings” icon
  3. Select “Retail Service Settings” tab(only available for Retail clients)
  4. Check on “track commissions”
  5. Hit “Save” at the bottom




Assign Products’ Commission Amount

Once commissions are enabled, each product needs to be assigned a specific commissions amount. This can be either a static amount or a percentage amount.


Note: If commission is set to static amount, it will always remain the same regardless of any item discounts on the product itself. However, percentage will calculate the commission based on the final price of the product AFTER item discount.


Follow the instructions below to assign the commission amount.

  1. Log into the Revel Management Console
  2. Select the “Products” icon then select “Products” tab
  3. Expand the menu to navigate to the desired commissioned product
  4. Select the details button (pencil icon) of the desired product
  5. Check mark Advanced Product Details -> Retail Options on the left side to reveal the commissions settings
  6. On the right, enter in the commission amount and type (amount or percentage)
  7. Hit Save at the top right to complete


This process can be done via Import/Export as well. Make sure to include “Commission” and “Commission Type” in the additional fields.

Import/Export Product Page


Export file with the Commissions fields




Allocate Commissions on iPad

When products with commissions are rung up, the amount can be displayed on the right side of the screen. Here, it can be either transferred completely to another employee or split amongst multiple employees. For example if a jacket is sold with $10 commission, $3 can go to the cashier and the rest go to the sales associate. Or the cashier is logged in however all the commission needs to go the sales associate.


Follow the steps below to learn how to allocate commissions.


  1. Ring up the commissioned product
  2. Click the product’s name on the left side to open product details page
  3. The commission amount to which employee will be located below the photo
  4. Click the pencil to either switch the commission to another employee or split it
    1. Transfer Employee: Click the “Transfer” symbol on the commission to bring up employee list to transfer to
    2. Allocate Commission: Click “Add Employee” to add extra employee to split commission with. Then click the “percentage” and input the percent split.
  5. Once complete, hit “Save”. The newly allocated amount will now display





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