How to Change DNS on iPad

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Configuring the IPad to Revel's DNS ensures that you process transactions on a secure network.


Steps for iOS 9 and 10

    1. Open iPad Settings:

  1. Click Wifi.
  2. Tap the blue i button next to the connected network:
  3. If DHCP is highlighted, then please write down the following fields: IP address, subnet mask, and router.
  4. If Static is already highlighted, skip this step:
  5. Click Static.
  6. Input the IP address, subnet mask and router you wrote down earlier.
  7. Input, into the DNS field:
  8. Select Wi-Fi at the top left of the window to save.
  9. Re-select the blue i to confirm the change has been saved.

Steps for iOS 11

  1. Open iPad Settings.
  2. Click Wifi.
  3. Then tap Configure IP:
  4. Select Manual.
  5. Input the IP address, subnet mask and router.
  6. Next, click Configure DNS:
  7. Select Manual configuration.
  8. Click Add Server and input, into the DNS field:
  9. To save, click WiFi:

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