Tips Prompt with Credit Cards

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Every user can prompt for tips on their iPad POS Platform. The prompt comes in two forms – either a line on the physical receipt for the customer to add a tip and then sign OR a prompt on the Customer Facing Display for adding a tip and signing on screen. 

For the printed receipts to work and prompt for tip, the following must be completed:

From your Management Console [], navigate to Settings. Clear Selections and search for Receipts. Check the box on the left for Print Tip Line and Print Credit Receipts so that those settings appear on the right. Make sure to activate both:1.jpg
For Print credit receipts, you have multiple options: 
YES: Receipts will automatically prompt for all credit transactions.
NO: Receipts will NOT print for credit transactions. Do NOT choose this option in order for customers to be prompted for tips. 
PROMPT: If selected, the POS will give you three options - Print, Email or No Receipt. You can ask patrons for their preference. 
SIGNATURE: Signature offers the same options as prompt and displays a screen to capture the customers' signature for storage on the payment record. 

If using a Customer Display Screen, please refer to the instructions in our CDS Guide under the Tip Prompt section. On the CDS, when the customer pays with a Credit Card, "Select Tip Amount" will display and the customer can choose between the percentages shown or choose Other to enter the tip amount manually.

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