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The Ingredient Inventory Log displays changes made to the ingredient inventory by an owner or an employee with assigned user permissions.

NOTE: The Ingredient Inventory can only be created using the Revel Management Console.

Viewing the Ingredient Inventory Log

  1. Tap the Reports icon.
  2. Tap the Other Report tab to view a drop-down menu of available reports.
  3. Select Ingredient Inventory from the drop-down menu to open the Ingredient Inventory Log.

Filters and Options

Use filters to easily find and display information. Available filters include:

  • Product Class - Filters the log based on the product class selected from the Product Class drop-down field.
  • Action Type - Filters the log based on an action selected from the Action Type drop-down field.
  • Date Range - Filters the log by a date range selected from the Date Range drop-down field.
  • Search Field - Filters and displays an ingredient by name, barcode, SKU, or BIN.
  • Hide Used - Select this option to hide all used products from the inventory log.

  • Display Hidden Inventory - Select this option to display ingredients that are not tracked.
  • Show Details - Select this option to display all available columns in the inventory.

Key Terms

Ingredient Inventory:

The inventory of all ingredients used for all products sold.


Sets the amount of the ingredient in the inventory.


Adds additional inventory of an ingredient


Removes inventory of an ingredient because of waste.


Deletes all historical data for a specified ingredient.


Identifies an ingredient used when a product is sold.

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