Creating Shift Schedules

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In the Shift Schedules tab, you can create, update, and view schedules for your employees. You can also use this feature to easily email schedules to employees.


Viewing Shift Schedules

You can adjust your view of employee shift schedules to suit your purposes. Here’s how:

  • Roles: Specify which roles you want to view.
  • Time Format: View an employee's total hours in decimal numbers or hours and minutes.
  • Date lets you select the week you wish to view.
  • Copy Shifts lets you copy employee shifts from one week to another.
  • Import allows you to import a schedule created on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Show All shows all employees and their schedules.
  • Hide Empty hides employees with no shifts that week and overrides Show All.
  • Include Total Wages shows or hides a column with employees’ total wages for the week.
  • Display Roles shows a column with employees’ roles.
  • Export exports the schedule as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Shifts shows employees’ schedules by shift time.
  • Hours shows employees’ schedules by the number of hours scheduled.
  • Wage/Forcasting lets you view projected payroll and sales by day.
  • Breaks shows employee break times rather than their scheduled work hours.


Creating Shift Schedules 

Creating shift schedules help you optimize and plan employee hours.

    1. In the Management Console, click on the Schedules tab.
    2. Next, use the calendar tool and select the dates for creating a schedule.

    3. Under the desired date, click the box to the right of the employee name. Select Add New, and fill in the scheduled hours of your employee. By clicking Add new, you can create another shift for the same day. Lastly, click Save.

Emailing Schedules

Once a schedule has been made, you can send an email to your employee. Your employee can then choose to confirm or reject their scheduled shifts.

You can set the email used to send and receive schedule notifications in the Settings area. If you do not configure an email for sending or receiving schedule notifications, you will not receive any rejected schedule notifications. Note that the option to configure an email address for schedules displays only after configuring a default email.

To email schedules:

  1. Navigate to Shift Schedules 
  2. After your employee's schedule is created, check the box on the left side of an employee.
  3. Then, click Send Email in the bottom left corner.

The employee will then receive an email with a link to view their schedule. Before your employees can accept or reject their schedule, they will have to log in using their PIN number. Below is a description of the different schedule colors:

White No Email Sent
Yellow Email Sent
Green Employee Accepted Schedule
Red Employee Rejected Schedule

Copying Shift Schedules

You can copy an entire schedule or a single employee’s schedule from one week to another. Please Note:Note that Aany shifts you copy will overwrite shifts that already exist in the target week.

To copy the entire schedule from one week to another:

  1. Click Copy Shifts:

  2. On the pop-up calendar, select the week to which you want to copy the schedule:

  3. Click Copy:


To copy an individual employee’s schedule to another week:

  1. Check the box next to the employee’s name.
  2. Click the Copy Shifts button below the Employee column:

  3. On the pop-up calendar, select the week to which you want to copy the employee’s schedule:

  4. Click Copy:


Shift Schedule Details

You can change the schedule view depending on the settings you selected on the Employee Shift Schedule page.

  • Shifts
    • This view displays the standard schedule view:
      • Employee
      • Total Hours
      • Total Wage:


  • Hours
    • This view displays the standard schedule view as well as the total hours the employee has worked so far that week:


  • Wage/Forecasting
    • This view displays the standard schedule view as well as:
      • Wage Totals: The total wage earned by the employee for that week (based on set hourly wage and hours worked).
      • Forecasted Sales: Here you can enter the employee's projected sales for the week.
      • Mean Sales: This is the net average of the employee's last four weeks of sales.
      • Forecasted Labor Cost %: The projected labor cost percentage.
      • Mean Labor Cost %: The average labor cost percentage:


  • Breaks
    • This view displays the standard schedule view as well as all breaks taken (dependent on clock out performed on the point of sale):



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