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In the Shift Schedules tab, you can create and view shift schedules for your employees. This feature also makes it easy for you to email your shift schedules to employees.


Types of Shift Schedule Views

The following chart explains the different view types of the Shit Schedule tab.

View Description
Shifts Displays the shifts the employees clocked in and out. For example, it will show 07:00 – 15:00.
Hours Displays the exact amount of hours worked as oppose to the shift time worked.
Wage/Forecasting Displays at the bottom theoretical wage vs mean/forecasted sales for each day. The mean sale is calculated by the past 4 weeks from that specific date.

Labor Cost

In this section, you can also choose to set Labor Cost Goals. If the labor goal was set to 20%, this means the wage totals should not exceed 20% of the total sales value.

  • Orange indicates Labor Cost % > Labor Cost Goal; difference within [X%]
  • Red indicates Labor Cost % > Labor Cost Goal; difference over [X%]

You can set the rules being for color coding on the bottom of the page.

Breaks: If any paid or unpaid breaks are scheduled, they will be shown here without the rest of the employee’s shift schedule. Green indicates a paid break, while Blue indicates an unpaid break.

Sending Shift Schedule Emails

Once a schedule has been made, you can send your employee an email to have them confirm or reject their shift schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Management Console > Schedules.
  2. After your employee's schedule is created, check the box on the left hand side of the employees name.
  3. Then click Send Email on the bottom left corner.

In your employee's email, they will receive a link to view their schedule. Before your employees can accept or reject their schedule, they will have to log in using their pin number. Below is a description of the different schedule colors:

White No Email Sent
Yellow Email Sent
Green Employee Accepted Schedule
Red Employee Rejected Schedule

Filters & Options

Take a look at the different taps on the upper right corner:

Setting Details
All Roles Drop Down Allows filtering of Time Worked report for specific roles or departments.
Decimal Displays the data in either hours worked (3.5) or HH:MM (03:30) format.
Date Range By default, the Time Worked report will be broken down weekly. If you want to change the week, please click the box and select the week you wish to view.
Copy Shift Once a shift has been created, you have an option to copy the exact shift over to up-coming weeks. This will overwrite any shift schedule already created for those specific weeks.
Show All Displays both active and inactive employees.
Total wages Displays a new column indicating employee’s total wage based on shift created.
Display Roles Displays the assigned roles of each employee

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