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In the Shift Schedules tab, you can create, update, and view schedules for your employees. You can also use this feature to easily email  schedules to employees.


Creating Shift Schedules 

Creating shift schedules help you optimize and plan employee hours. 

    1. In the Management Console, click on the Schedules tab.
    2. Next, use the calendar tool and select the dates for creating a schedule.

    3. Under the desired date, click the box to the right of the employee name. Select Add New, and fill in the scheduled hours of your employee. By clicking Add new, you can create another shift for the same day. Lastly, click Save


Emailing Schedules

Once a schedule has been made, you can send an email to your employee. Your employee can then choose to confirm or reject their scheduled shifts. To email schedules: 

  1. Navigate to Shift Schedules 
  2. After your employee's schedule is created, check the box on the left side of an employee. 
  3. Then, click Send Email in the bottom left corner.

The employee will then receive an email with a link to view their schedule. Before your employees can accept or reject their schedule, they will have to log in using their PIN number. Below is a description of the different schedule colors:

White No Email Sent
Yellow Email Sent
Green Employee Accepted Schedule
Red Employee Rejected Schedule

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