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Serial Numbers Report

By Kelsey


The Serial Number report shows all products sold that have a serial number associated with them.


Serial Number Report Tour

The various components of the Serial Number report are:

    1. Order Type Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to sort your report by In Store purchases or Delivery Only purchases:

    2. Time Range Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to view your report for a certain time range. You can choose today, yesterday, this week, this month, last week, last month, or a custom range.
    3. Date: The date the purchase was made.
    4. Store Name: The establishment where the purchase was made.
    5. Order Number: The unique order number of the purchase.
    6. Product Name: The product purchased.
    7. Barcode: The unique barcode of the product.
    8. Serial Number: The unique serial number of the product.
    9. Action: The action of the order (sold, returned, exchanged).
    10. Reason: The reason for the action (only applicable to returns or exchanges).
    11. Employee Name: The employee who made the sale.
    12. Customer Name: The customer attached to the order.
    13. Customer Phone Number: The phone number of the customer attached to the order.
    14. Customer Email: The email of the customer attached to the order:

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